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308 RACING CUP - ROUND #4/6 – Ledenon (30) - France (6 - 7 July 2019)
For the first time since its creation in 2017, the 308 Racing Cup will host a round at Ledenon, in the south of France. After three opening rounds – held at Nogaro in France, then alongside TCR Europe in Hockenheim and Spa-Francorchamps – Peugeot’s promotional formula returns to France alongside the FFSA GT4 meetings organised by SRO. A total of 18 cars will take to the up-and-down Ledenon track for the fourth round of the year this weekend.
Julien Briché – currently leading the standings – has a 12-point advantage over his key rival Jimmy Clairet, with each on three victories. With the season now just past the halfway point and the pressure on to the clinch the Pro, Am, and Junior titles, we’re set for some extremely close racing as the series protagonists look to score important points and get closer to winning the Peugeot 308 TCR destined for the 2019 champion.

  • Since the start of the season there has been a fantastic duel between Jimmy Clairet and Julien Briché, with the fight for the title very close between them. Halfway through the season, just 12 points now separate them in the overall classification. They’ve also shared the victories, taking three wins each. The six remaining races (at Ledenon, Magny-Cours and Le Castellet) will be crucial to decide the title. With the prospective champions fighting for the top prize of a Peugeot 308 TCR, the championship is set to only increase in intensity all the way to the season finish in October.
  • Xavier Fouineau, who has occupied third place in the championship since the start of the season, has racked up four podiums to date this year. He’s looking for the opportunity to take his first 308 Racing Cup victory.
  • Johan Boris Scheier (BRS Racing Team) is currently fourth in the championship thanks to his two podiums in Nogaro and Spa-Francorchamps and remains a serious candidate for victory.
  • Julien Gilbert, the other member of the BRS Racing Team, is still aiming for the top three and is hoping to secure a podium at Ledenon. He’s currently fifth in the championship after Spa-Francorchamps.
  • Among the Am drivers (aged over 25, with no previous track record of established results; a category that covers more than half the 308 field) there’s a close battle with no fewer than five different winners since the start of the season: Sylvain Pussier (Hockenheim 2 and Spa 1), Jean Laurent Navarro (Nogaro 1), Xavier Guyonnet (Nogaro 2), Stéphane Ventaja (Hockenheim 1) and Marc Amourette (Spa 2). After four meetings, only Sylvain Pussier has won more than once (Hockenheim 2 and Spa 1).
  • In the Junior category for drivers under 25, the return of Teddy Clairet has interrupted the domination of Florian Briché (the winner at Nogaro 2 and Hockenheim 1). Louis Meric (the winner of Nogaro 1) and Aurélien Renet (the winner of Hockenheim 2) will need to redouble their efforts this weekend to make their mark on the title race.
  • The 308 Racing Cup is a true breeding ground for talented international touring car drivers of the future. This fourth round of the season at Ledenon will be an opportunity to see the current TCR Europe points leader – Julien Briché – in action, along with his French counterparts who are also competing in the European series: Aurélien Comte, Teddy Clairet, Jimmy Clairet, and Stéphane Ventaja. All of them have come up through Peugeot Sport’s promotional formulas to now take the wheel of the powerful Peugeot 308 TCR. This underlines the consistent high quality and performance of the 308 field.

Laurent GUYOT – Peugeot Sport Customer Competition Manager
“After two races outside of France supporting TCR Europe and Open GT, it’s a great pleasure for us to return to the SRO and FFSA French Circuit Racing Championships back at home, which are always organised to a very high level and also hosted our opening round of the season in Nogaro. Now that the halfway point is only just over, Julien Briché and Jimmy Clairet have been fighting for the wins in the Pro category, while in the Junior and Am categories, every driver is still in with a chance of the top prize. So this fourth round is set to be a thrilling one! Even more so because no fewer than five drivers competing in TCR Europe are on the entry list, including points leader Julien Briché. The level will be exceptionally high, and it’s a great source of pride for Peugeot Sport’s Customer Competition department to see these incredible standards of performance. More than ever, the 308 Racing Cup is seen as the gateway to TCR Europe, and a springboard for talented drivers who wish to progress their careers in touring cars. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Ledenon for a spectacular weekend of action!”

1. Teddy CLAIRET / Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport - JUNIOR
2. Aurelien RENET / JFM Racing  - JUNIOR
3. Aurélien COMTE / Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport - PRO
4. Julien BRICHE / JSB Compétition - PRO
7. Xavier FOUINEAU / JSB Compétition - PRO
8. Jean Laurent NAVARRO / JFM Racing - AM
10. Johan Boris SCHEIER / BRS Racing Team - PRO
11. Xavier GUYONNET / TSM Racing by Clairet Sport - AM
21. Jimmy CLAIRET / Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport - PRO
23. Laurent RICHARD / JSB Compétition - AM
24. Florian BRICHE / JFM Racing - JUNIOR
31. Louis MERIC / LM 31 by BRS Racing Team - JUNIOR
44. Julien GILBERT / BRS Racing Team - PRO
66. Gilles COLOMBANI / Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport - AM
69. Rodolphe SPITZ / JSB Compétition - AM
77. Sylvain PUSSIER / Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport - AM
81. Stéphane VENTAJA / Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport - AM

308 RACING CUP OVERALL CLASSIFICATION (after Spa-Francorchamps - Round #3/6)
1.  Julien Briché #4 (JSB Compétition) 92 pts (PRO)
2. Jimmy Clairet #21 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 80 pts (PRO)
3.  Xavier Fouineau #7 (JSB Compétition) 72 pts (PRO)        
4. Johan Boris Scheier #10 (BRS Racing Team) 53 pts (PRO)
5. Julien Gilbert #44 (BRS Racing Team)  43 pts (PRO)
6. Fred Caprasse #33 (JSB Compétition) 37 pts (PRO)
Ex. Aurélien Renet #2 (JFM Racing) 37 pts (JUN)    
8. Florian Briché #24 (JFM Racing) 33 pts (JUN)
9. Romain Boeckler #22 (GPA Racing) 15 pts (JUN)
10. Teddy Clairet #1 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 14 pts (JUN)    
11. Stéphane Ventaja #81(Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 13 pts (AM)
12. Louis Méric #31 (LM31 by BRS Racing Team) 12 pts (JUN)
Ex. Sylvain Pussier #77 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 12 pts (AM)
13. Laurent Richard #23 (JSB Compétition) 10 pts (AM)
14. Jean Laurent Navarro #8 (JFM Racing) 9 pts (AM)
15. Marc Amourette #76 (GPA Racing) 5 pts (AM)
Ex. Xavier Guyonnet #11 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 5 pts (AM)
16. David Duponchel #43 (JSB Compétition  5 pts (AM)
17. Gilles Colombani #66 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 4 pts (AM)    
18. Thierry Boyer #29 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 2 pts (AM)
19. Rodolphe Spitz #69 (JSB Compétition) 2 pts (AM)
20. Luc Rozentvaig #5 (BL Sport) 1 pt (AM)


Saturday: Qualifying at 10:35 and Race at 14:15
Sunday: Qualifying at 10:05 and Race at 14:20


20 - 22 April  I  Nogaro (France) - French Circuit Racing Championships
24 - 26 May  I  Hockenheim (Germany) - TCR Europe
08 - 09 June  I  Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) - TCR Europe
05 - 07 July  I  Ledenon (France) - French Circuit Racing Championships
13 -15 September  I  Magny-Cours (France) - French Circuit Racing Championships
11 - 13 October  I  Paul Ricard (France) - French Circuit Racing Championships

Nogaro results : http://bit.ly/2Z8ocUR
Hockenheim results : http://bit.ly/2X5fncN
Spa results : http://bit.ly/2XfHUR2
Live timing 308 RACING CUP at Ledenon : http://bit.ly/2XAG7FE
308 Racing Cup 2019 presentation : http://bit.ly/2X7WV2g
Technical file Peugeot 308 Racing Cup : https://bit.ly/2HvxMLj    
Sporting regulations 308 Racing Cup : http://bit.ly/2Lp7f3L
2019 championship classification : http://bit.ly/2X5jdC1

There are three classes:
  • PRO (drivers aged over 26 with previous results)
  • AMATEURS (drivers aged over 26 without previous results)
  • JUNIORS (drivers aged up to 25)




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