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ROUND #1/6 - Nogaro, France.
For its third season, the PEUGEOT 308 Racing Cup promises exciting action from start to finish, involving both experienced and novice drivers, who will display their talents not only in France but in Belgium and Germany as well. The thrills and suspense are guaranteed – so start your engines now!
The 308 Racing Cup is the second rung on the comprehensive ladder of talent that has been put in place by PEUGEOT SPORT for circuit racers, after the 208 Racing Cup. The 308 Racing Cup also continues to reinforce its European aspect this year, with two of the six rounds taking place abroad: at Hockenheim in Germany and Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, supporting TCR Europe.
The big news for 2019 is the creation of the Amateur category, which will make up half of the field.  This will give drivers aged over 25 without previous results their own championship classification.
Just as Teddy Clairet – the reigning 308 Racing Cup champion – did last year, this year’s title-holder will win a PEUGEOT 308 TCR, allowing them to drive in international races to TCR regulations next year, as a PEUGEOT SPORT factory driver. The long-awaited first round of the season takes place this weekend at Nogaro, with 20 drivers on the grid.

  • The 2019 308 Racing Cup season gets going this weekend as part of the famous Easter Cup meeting at Nogaro, which also hosts the FFSA French GT Championship. The season takes in six rounds, of which four are in France (Nogaro, Ledenon, Magny-Cours, Le Castellet) and two abroad: in Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) and Hockenheim (Germany), supporting TCR Europe.
  • The 2017 champion, Julien Briché (JSB Competition) and 2018 runner-up, Jimmy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) will undoubtedly be the protagonists of the PRO category (for drivers aged over 25 with previous results). They will also have to reckon with Julien Gilbert and Johan Boris Schieier (Team BRS Racing) as serious rivals in the 2019 title race, not forgetting the rapid Xavier Fouineau and Frédéric Caprasse (JSB Competition).
  • Four talented drivers in the JUNIOR category (for drivers younger than 25) should also play a starring role this season: Florian Briché (JSB Competition), Romain Boeckler (GPA Racing), Louis Meric (LM 31), and Aurélien RENET (JFM Racing) – who has a 308 Racing Cup car from PEUGEOT SPORT after winning the 2018 208 Racing Cup title.
  • The AMATEUR category (for drivers aged over 25 without previous results) makes up half of the field. Drivers in this class include Xavier Guyonnet (TSM Racing by Clairet Sport), Laurent Richard (JSB Competition), Sylvain Pussier, Thierry Boyer, Gilles Colombani, David Duponchel (JSB Competition), Alexandre Ducos (Team Full Motorsport), Jean Laurent Navarro (JFM Racing), Luc Rozentvaig (BL Sport) and 2018 gentleman driver champion Stéphane Ventaja (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport).
  • To support young drivers and give them a clear route to the top, PEUGEOT SPORT has put in place a genuine ladder of talent in circuit racing aimed at touring car championships (WTCR and TCR Europe, as well as national touring car championships). The winner of the 2019 208 Racing Cup will win a full season in the 2020 308 Racing Cup, while the 2019 308 Racing Cup champion, will get a new PEUGEOT 308 TCR eligible for all TCR series, together with PEUGEOT SPORT factory driver status.

Laurent GUYOT – PEUGEOT SPORT Customer Competition Manager:
“The 308 Racing Cup has gone from strength to strength following its inaugural season in 2017. A total of 20 cars will be on the grid for the first round of the season this year at Nogaro, which hosts the French GT Championship season-opener. That’s an excellent turn-out ! Last year, PEUGEOT SPORT added a European dimension to the 308 Racing Cup by registering it as an international series with the FIA. We’re sticking with the same idea this season, developing closer ties with TCR Europe. It’s an obvious choice that will allow us to give all our competitors a real taste of the sporting challenges and competitive environment at the top of touring car racing. Our decision to go to Hockenheim and Spa-Francorchamps to support TCR Europe makes even more sense as no fewer than six PEUGEOT 308TCR cars are entered on the championship, including our 2018 308 Racing Cup champion and now PEUGEOT SPORT factory driver, Teddy Clairet. With the creation of the Amateur category allowing an even greater number of competitors to test their abilities, as well as the arrival of several young talents in the Junior division, this latest 308 Racing Cup season is already looking very promising.”

20 - 22 April Nogaro (France) - French circuit racing championship
24 - 26 May Hockenheim (Germany) - TCR Europe
08 - 09 June Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) - TCR Europe
05 - 07 July Ledenon (France) - French circuit racing championship
13 -15 September Magny-Cours (France) - French circuit racing championship
11 - 13 October Paul Ricard (France) - French circuit racing championship
WHAT’S NEW IN 2019 ? 
Three categories:
  • PRO (drivers aged over 25 with previous results)
  • AMATEURS (drivers aged over 25 without previous results)
  • JUNIOR (drivers aged less than 25)
  • More than 25,000€ of cash prizes will be given out at each race meeting, making a total of 159,000€ during the season.
  • The 2019 champion will win a PEUGEOT 308 TCR and official PEUGEOT SPORT factory driver status in 2020.
  • The top Amateur driver will be invited to take part in a TCR Europe race in 2020.
  • The top Junior driver will take part in a test organised by PEUGEOT SPORT with a PEUGEOT 308TCR.

  • By entering a team after  buying a PEUGEOT 308 Racing Cup car (more information about how to buy a car is available at the PEUGEOT SPORT Store website : https://bit.ly/2SciT2f)
  • By renting a PEUGEOT 308 Racing Cup car from a team taking part in the series (a list of teams can be obtained from Patrick Sinault – see contacts below)
  • Entry fee: 1500€ (plus tax) per round
  • Entries can be made on the PEUGEOT SPORT Store website : https://bit.ly/2P4VQoe.
  • A list of teams and other useful information can be found from Patrick Sinault - 308 Racing Cup Sporting Manager : patrick@signature-team.com

ENTRY LIST - NOGARO (Round #1/6)
#2       Aurelien RENET (JFM Racing) - JUNIOR
#4       Julien BRICHE (JSB Competition) - PRO
#5       Luc ROZENTVAIG (BL Sport) - AM
#6       Alexandre DUCOS (BL Sport) - AM
#7       Xavier FOUINEAU (JSB CompEtition) - PRO
#8       Jean Laurent NAVARRO (JFM Racing) - AM
#11     Xavier GUYONNET (TSM Racing by Clairet Sport) - AM
#21     Jimmy CLAIRET (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) - PRO
#22     Romain BOECKLER (GPA Racing) - JUNIOR
#23     Laurent RICHARD (JSB CompEtition) - AM
#24     Florian BRICHE (JFM Racing) - JUNIOR
#29     Thierry BOYER (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) - AM
#31     Louis MERIC (LM 31 by BRS Racing Team) - JUNIOR
#33     Frederic CAPRASSE (JSB Competition) - PRO
#43     David DUPONCHEL (JSB Competition) - AM
#44     Julien GILBERT (BRS Racing Team) -PRO
#45     Johan Boris SCHEIER (BRS Racing Team) -PRO
#66     Gilles COLOMBANI (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) - AM
#77     Sylvain PUSSIER (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) -AM
#81     Stephane VENTAJA (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) - AM

  • Sunday 21/04 – qualifying 08:45 / Race 1 17:10
  • Monday 22/04 – qualifying 08:15 / Race 2 11:10

Champion: Teddy Clairet 203 points (6 wins)
2nd: Julien Briché 181 pts (5 wins)
3rd: Jimmy Clairet 121 pts (1 win)
Junior champion: Teddy Clairet
Gentleman driver champion: Stephane Ventaja

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