308 RACING CUP - Round #6/6 -Circuit Paul Ricard (Var), France.
The 308 Racing Cup season reaches its conclusion at the Circuit Paul Ricard in the south of France this weekend, with the title fight for overall honours already settled in Julien Briché’s favour. His chief rival Teddy Clairet’s decision to race in the final round of the TCR Europe Series at Monza (Italy), which also takes place this weekend, means that Briché is mathematically crowned champion. Each driver will be representing the colours of PEUGEOT SPORT’s customer racing programme, particularly Briché who is in contention for the TCR Europe title in his JSB Compétition Peugeot 308TCR.
With Briché beating Clairet to the championship by four points, attention now turns to the Am and Junior categories, with both titles still up for grabs at Le Castellet this weekend.

FOCUS ON THE AM CHAMPIONSHIP (driver aged 25 or over):
  • There is everything still to play for in the Am category, with a number of drivers mathematically in the hunt to claim the title. However, there are three at the top on the move: Stéphane Ventaja currently leads the standings with a 17-point margin over Sylvain Pussier (2nd) and 25 points ahead of Jean-Laurent Navarro (3rd).
  • Stéphane Ventaja – Part of the PEUGEOT SPORT programme since 2014 and an experienced 24H Series driver, at the wheel of a Peugeot 308 Racing Cup, Stéphane is a mainstay at the top of the category (formerly known as the “Gentleman” class). With four victories so far this season and a further four podiums, Ventaja holds a 17-point cushion over rival and team-mate Pussier ahead of the final round.
  • Sylvain Pussier – RCZ Racing Cup driver in 2013 and RCZ Proto Spider Cup champion in 2015, Sylvain is one of the men who could dethrone Ventaja. This season, he recorded two victories (at Hockenheim and Spa) as well as six further podiums.
  • Jean-Laurent Navarro – A driver with a GT background, Navarro made his debut on the 308 Racing Cup this season and took victory in the opening round of the year at Nogaro. He recorded a second success at Magny-Cours in the second race of the weekend. These results have also allowed him to fight for the class title this weekend, despite arriving at Paul Ricard some 25 points adrift of Ventaja.
  • Laurent Richard – Richard has been one of the revelations of the category this season with three podiums. This year is his second full season of 308 Racing Cup competition.
  • Xavier Guyonnet – A loyal Peugeot driver since the RCZ Racing Cup (he was also a regular in the Rencontres Peugeot Sport meetings), Guyonnet won Race 2 at Nogaro at the start of the year and took a podium on three further occasions. Taking into account dropped scores, Guyonnet is another title contender.
  • Gilles Colombani – A driver more experienced in rallying, Colombani got his first taste of circuit racing in 2017, before signing up to the 308 Racing Cup the following year. Two races from the end of the season, he sits on 74 points in the standings and is eyeing a maiden podium in the category.
  • Rodolphe Spitz A new arrival in the championship this season, joining the list of 308 Racing Cup regulars, Spitz continues his apprenticeship in the Am field. His willingness to gather as much experience as possible has made him one of the most motivated drivers on the grid.
  • Mathieu Casalonga – Another newcomer to the championship who made his debut at the last round at Magny-Cours, he joined the 308 Racing Cup at the Nièvre circuit and aims to refine his knowledge of the Peugeot 308TCR car as part of the JSB Compétition team this weekend.
  • Veenesh Shunker – Already used to the 308 Racing Cup championship (which he first competed in last year), he returns for the final round with Team Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport. As he’s familiar with the category, he will be looking for a good result in the Var region and to figure as close to the front-running Am drivers as possible.
  • Since the opening round at Nogaro, Jimmy Clairet and Julien Briché have fought tooth-and-nail for the wins this season. The latter is only four points ahead of Clairet, but with both electing to represent the colours of PEUGEOT SPORT customer racing in the TCR Europe Series finale at Monza in Italy, the title mathematically goes the way of Briché.
  • Even if Briché has been the man to beat all season long, the battle between him and Clairet has been intense from the opening weekend. With four wins apiece, both drivers have displayed great skill and delivered fantastic entertainment.
  • With four podiums each, two drivers could beat Jimmy Clairet to second place in the Pro standings. Johan Boris Scheier, currently third in the points, is 28 points behind – with fourth-placed Xavier Fouineau on 38 points, meaning that the honours for runner-up spot are all to play for.
FOCUS ON THE JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP (drivers age 25 or under):
  • The battle to follow this weekend will be in the Junior category, with the title set to be decided. Points leader Teddy Clairet, who will also be racing at Monza in TCR Europe this weekend, will lose his place at the top of the standings to either Florian Briché or Aurélien Renet.
  • Teddy Clairet – As he will be competing at Monza in his Team Clairet Sport Peugeot 308TCR, current points leader Clairet risks missing out on the Junior title this weekend. With just a four-point championship advantage, he will likely be overtaken by his two title rivals.
  • Florian Briché – Briché has won two races this season so far, at Nogaro and Spa, and has recorded five other podium finishes. Coming into the Paul Ricard weekend, he heads Aurélien Renet by a solitary point and is just four points adrift of Clairet. The Junior title is within touching distance for Briché, as it is for his JFM Racing team-mate Renet.
  • Aurélien Renet – The 208 Racing Cup champion in 2018, Renet is one of the two PEUGEOT SPORT Circuit programme representatives, along with Teddy Clairet: the reigning 308 Racing Cup champion. With two victories and five podiums this year, he has put together a complete season thanks to his title success in the 208 last year. Renet is now one point shy of Florian Briché and five short of Teddy Clairet. This puts him in contention for the title: yet more proof of the exceptional competition in the 308 Racing Cup.

JULIEN BRICHE – 308 Racing Cup champion 2019 – 2nd in the TCR Europe standings
“As the season finale of the 308 Racing Cup and TCR Europe are on the same dates, I had to make a decision. That decision wasn’t easy, even though TCR Europe has been my priority all year – given that I’m competing in that as well as the Benelux series. Back in March, I hadn’t even necessarily thought about doing the whole 308 Racing Cup season this year: it was simply to follow my customers. After the opening weekend though, I found myself at the top of the standings…so I decided to do the following round and then the one after that. For the finale, what is clear is that if Jimmy had decided to race, it would have been a lot more complicated for me! So now I’m the 2019 champion and I am so delighted to get it for the second time, after my first title in 2017.”
JIMMY CLAIRET – 2nd in the 308 Racing Cup 2019
“Unfortunately, I will not be present at Le Castellet for the finale. I had to make a crucial choice but with my main programme being TCR Europe, my priority was to go to Monza. In fact, at the beginning of the season, I was only supposed to do the first 308 round at Nogaro – then I also ended up doing the rest and fighting Julien for the title all season. He only needs to score four points to win the title so I would have needed a miracle really to leave Paul Ricard as champion anyway. I preferred to focus on TCR Europe where Teddy and I are proud to defend the colours of PEUGEOT SPORT customer racing. Personally, I feel we actually lost the championship from the very beginning of the year because we were not 100% ready: instead we were focusing primarily on TCR Europe. Luck was also not with us this season, with punctures and so on. But we have been very strong the rest of the time. Let’s go to Monza and make the most of it!”
FLORIAN BRICHE – 2nd in the Junior category standings
“Le Castellet is one of the tracks I enjoy most. I hope I can perform well there, as up to now, we haven’t really had the best season due to a few problems. After two wins at Hockenheim and five second places, I am now fourth in the points behind Teddy, the leader in the Junior category. But I have to fight a bit with my team-mate Aurélien, who is only one point ahead.”
AURELIEN RENET – 3rd in the Junior category standings
“I am so motivated for the final round! Even though it will be difficult to win the title, looking at my performances in the last few races. We must work on our set-up. The title will be hard to win, but if I get it, I will be very happy as this is only my first season in the category. Particularly as I’m facing such talented drivers!”
STEPHANE VENTAJA – 1st in the Am category
“It’s the last round of the season, so clearly a decisive one. Le Castellet is a magnificent circuit and I really enjoy it. I will do everything to bring the title back to Jean-Marie Clairet and everyone at Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport, who have done everything to give me a competitive car. I’ve progressed enormously thanks to them this year. My goal this weekend will obviously be to try and win the title. But I must stay concentrated because my rivals are not far behind. The Am championship is so competitive and that will remain the case right until the chequered flag falls after the second race this weekend. Bravo to PEUGEOT SPORT for creating this category!”
SYLVAIN PUSSIER – 2nd in the Am category
“Everything is still possible! We saw earlier that I arrived in Ledenon with a 15-point lead, and then left there 20 points behind! Stéphane (Ventaja) has been very strong this year and he deserves to win the title, but I am going to fight until the very end, even though he has a good margin. The category is very competitive and we must also keep an eye on Jean-Laurent Navarro (3rd in the championship), who is not that far behind. The finale will a good show, that’s for sure.”
JEAN-LAURENT NAVARRO – 3rd in the Am standings
“Since the start of the season, my performances have been up and down, but the speed has always been there. Mathematically, there are several of us who can be crowned champion, given the dropped score system specific to the Am category. But Stéphane (Ventaja) and Sylvain (Pussier) will be hard to beat! I will give everything at the finale to be ahead and try my luck for the Am title!”

#2 Aurélien RENET – JFM Racing / Junior
#7 Xavier FOUINEAU – JSB Compétition / Pro
#8 Jean-Laurent NAVARRO – JSB Compétition / Am
#9 Veenesh SHUNKER - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport / Am
#10 Johan BORIS SCHEIER – BRS Racing Team / Pro
#11 Xavier GUYONNET – TSM Racing by Clairet Sport
#22 Romain BOECKLER -  BRS Racing Team / Junior
#23 Laurent RICHARD – JSB Compétition / Am
#24 Florian BRICHE – JFM Racing / Junior
#44 Julien GILBERT – BRS Racing Team / Pro
#66 Gilles COLOMBANI – Pussier Automobiles by Clairent Sport / Am
#69 Rodolphe SPITZ – JSB Compétition / Am
#77 Sylvain PUSSIER – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport / Am
#81 Stephane VENTAJA – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport / Am
#96 Mathieu CASALONGA – JFM Racing / Am
STANDINGS (after Magny-Cours - Round #5/6)
1. Julien Briché #4 (JSB Compétition) 163 pts (PRO)
2. Jimmy Clairet #21 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 123 pts (PRO)
3. Johan Boris Scheier #10 (BRS Racing Team) 95 pts (PRO)
4. Xavier Fouineau #7 (JSB Compétition) 85 pts (PRO)        
5. Julien Gilbert #44 (BRS Racing Team) 70 pts (PRO)
6. Teddy Clairet #1 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 55 pts (JUN)    
7. Florian Briché #24 (JFM Racing) 44 pts (JUN)    
8. Aurélien Renet #2 (JFM Racing) 54 pts (JUN)    
9. Aurélien Comte #3 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 41 pts (PRO)
10. Fred Caprasse #33 (JSB Compétition) 37 pts (PRO)
11. Stéphane Ventaja #81(Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 25 pts (AM)
12. Jean Laurent Navarro #8 (JFM Racing) 20 pts (AM)
13. Sylvain Pussier #77 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 17 pts (AM)
14. Romain Boeckler #22 (GPA Racing) 15 pts (JUN)    
15. Louis Méric #31 (LM31 by BRS Racing Team) 14 pts (JUN)
=. Laurent Richard #23 (JSB Compétition) 14 pts (AM)
17. Xavier Guyonnet #11 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 12 pts (AM)
18. Gilles Colombani #66 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 9 pts (AM)    
19. David Duponchel #43 (JSB Compétition) 7 pts (AM)
20. Marc Amourette #76 (GPA Racing) 5 pts (AM)
21. Thierry Boyer #29 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 4 pts (AM)
22. Rodolphe Spitz #69 (JSB Compétition) 4 pts (AM)
23. Luc Rozentvaig #5 (BL Sport) 1 pt (AM)
AM STANDINGS (after Magny-Cours - Round #5/6)
  1. Stéphane Ventaja #81(Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 159 pts
  2. Sylvain Pussier #77 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 142 pts
  3. Jean Laurent Navarro #8 (JFM Racing) 134 pts
  4. Laurent Richard #23 (JSB Compétition) 122 pts
  5. Xavier Guyonnet #11 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 90 pts
  6. Gilles Colombani #66 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 74 pts
  7. David Duponchel #43 (JSB Compétition) 47 pts
  8. Thierry Boyer #29 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 32 pts
  9. Marc Amourette #76 (GPA Racing) 31 pts
  10. Rodolphe Spitz #69 (JSB Compétition) 30 pts
JUNIOR STANDINGS (after Magny-Cours - Round #5/6)
  1. Teddy Clairet #1 (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) 59 pts
  2. Florian Briché #24 (JFM Racing) 55 pts
  3. Aurélien Renet #2 (JFM Racing) 54 pts

Saturday: Qualifying at 08:30 and Race 1 at 14:35
Sunday: Qualifying at 09:00 and Race 1 at 17:25
308 RACING CUP CALENDAR (2020 Calendar to come)
20 - 22 April - Nogaro (France) – French Circuit Racing Championships
24 - 26 May - Hockenheim (Allemagne) - TCR Europe
08 - 09 June - Spa-Francorchamps (Belgique) - TCR Europe
05 - 07 July. - Lédenon (France) - French Circuit Racing Championships
13 -15 Sept. - Magny-Cours (France) - French Circuit Racing Championships
11 - 13 Oct. - Paul Ricard (France) - French Circuit Racing Championships
Results Nogaro, Ledenon, and Magny-Cours : https://www.its-results.com/gt4/2019/
Results Hockenheim and Spa : http://bit.ly/2X5fncN & http://bit.ly/2WwjL8p
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