308 RACING CUP Round #5/6, Barcelona (Spain) | 29-30 September 2018
This weekend, the 308 Racing Cup made a trip abroad for the second time this season. The competitors gathered at the well-known Circuit de Catalunya near Barcelona, Spain, for the fifth round of the season. Teddy Clairet, who wrapped up the Junior category in an action-packed Race 1, remains the man to beat in the overall rankings as well, despite a strong fightback and big pressure from reigning champion Julien Briché. Sharing the pole positions, fastest race laps and the two race wins over the weekend, the duel for the 2018 title is well and truly back on. Just 18 points currently separate the two contenders. The newly-crowned Junior champion and the current title-holder will meet again at Le Castellet, for a final that already shows plenty of promise…

  • A total of 19 PEUGEOT 308 Racing Cup cars were entered for this weekend’s two races at the fifth and penultimate round of the season at the famous and rapid Circuit de Catalunya. The circuit provided a brilliant platform for the drivers to show all their talent at a world-renowned venue, demonstrating the high level of the PEUGEOT 308 Racing Cup.
  • When it came to pure performance, Teddy Clairet (#20 - Team Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) and Julien Briché (#4 - JSB Compétition) shone by taking a race victory each, with plenty of action.
  • A new arrival in the 308 Racing Cup pack was Lilou Wadoux (#99 - JSB Compétition) who twice finished in the top 10. She currently holds third place in the 208 Racing Cup in Recontres Peugeot Sport and stood out for her immediate adaptability to the car and her fighting spirit among much more experienced drivers.
  • Overall leader Teddy Clairet won the Junior category once more and so clinches the 2018 Junior title. Florian Briché (#24 - JSB Compétition) and Amaury Richard (#23 - GPA Racing) were also on the class podium twice.
  • Stéphane Ventaja (#81 - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) won both races in the Gentlemen category and hangs onto the overall leadership.
“It was a weekend that was full of emotion! Teddy Clairet took the Junior title for the second consecutive year. It was an excellent performance from him. He is currently leading the overall classification ahead of Julien Briché, the reigning champion, and we will have to wait for the final in two weeks to see who will claim the title. The fight and the suspense really are at the maximum. The well-established drivers such as Julien Briché and David Pouget will have to face up to the Juniors, who have been incredible this season! Speaking of the Juniors, Amaury Richard made a brilliant start to his season, Florian Briché was practically at the foot of the podium every time and a special mention for Lilou Wadoux, who was very impressive for her first participation in the 308 Racing Cup. The gentleman drivers also fought extremely hard. Stephane Ventaja dominated the category but Laurent Richard and Denis Gibaud put up a fight. Another source of satisfaction is the fact that the cars are reliable, fast and that our clients have put on a brilliant show with some excellent on-track battles. Now we look forward to Le Castellet, for what should be a very exciting final.”
Current championship leader and Junior champion (Race 1 : 1st / Race 2 : 2nd)
“It was a very good weekend. The Junior title was one of my objectives for this season and it’s very good to have accomplished it here in Barcelona before the end of the season! We’ve also taken a few more points in the overall championship over Julien. It’s been a good job from all of us so far even though there’s everything to play for at Paul Ricard. Between now and then waiting to be working hard in order to get there with the best set up possible!”
Reigning champion and second in the overall classification (Race 1 : 3rd / Race 2 : 1st)
“The championship is extremely closely-fought: I’m just carrying on doing things my way and staying concentrated. I was third in the first race and then I won the second race. My biggest satisfaction from the weekend is seeing that my JSB Competition team is omnipresent in the top 10, with five cars among the first eight finishers. Florian (Briché) was just off the podium again, Lilou (Wadoux) continues to surprise us (sixth by the first corner in Race 2), Xavier (Fouineau) and Fred (Caprasse) put on a brilliant show, hunting down a podium, without forgetting Rodolphe Spritz who continues to make progress at every race. Now on to the final round at Paul Ricard, where I hope there’s going to be a good fight for the title!”
David POUGET – GPA RACING driver
Third in the 308 Racing Cup (Race 1 : 2nd / Race 2 : 3rd)
“It’s been the most positive weekend of the season! I am very happy. We had very good pace and I just missed out on pole position in Q2. In Race 1 I was second. I took advantage of the incident between Julien and Jimmy and I was following Teddy, but without being able to attack him. In Race 2 I was much more in the rhythm and I had some hopes of winning, but Teddy made a really good start and I preferred to make sure of third place. We’re still missing a few tenths of a second to be right at the front. We’re going to be carrying on working hard to try and find them.”
Third overall in the 208 Racing Cup in Rencontres Peugeot Sport
“I had a super weekend! The car is fantastic and works well with my driving style. I didn't want to take any risks in order to be sure of being at Le Castellet for the final. I set off in free practice without knowing the car or the circuit, as we only decided I would take part last Sunday. I was 10th and ninth in qualifying, then 10th and eighth in the races, which was great for a first time. I can’t wait to get to Paul Ricard in two weeks!”
RACE 1 (Saturday)
Having been put under pressure by Julien Briché (#4 - JSB Compétition) since the season resumed, Teddy Clairet (#20 - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) took pole position for the first race of the weekend. 
In the race, Teddy Clairet immediately seized the advantage over Julien Briché. Behind, Jimmy Clairet and David Pouget followed at a similar pace.
By halfway through the race, the battle between the leading duo allowed Jimmy Clairet and David Pouget to close up, while Frédéric Caprasse (#33 - JSB Compétition) took sixth place.
On the 10th lap, Teddy Clairet and Julien Briché headed into the first corner together. Despite a gentle contact, Teddy Clairet hung onto the lead. On a number of occasions, Julien Briché pulled his 308 Racing Cup car alongside that of his rival. While pushing hard to gain the lead, he left the door open for Jimmy Clairet who was able to sneak into second behind his younger brother.
Swapping paint, Jimmy Clairet and Julien Briché couldn’t avoid a coming together. David Pouget took advantage to claim second. Having briefly gone off the track, Jimmy Clairet recovered to finish seventh.
Behind them, 10th place was fought out between Stéphane Ventaja, first of the Gentlemen drivers, et Lilou Wadoux. Having starred in Rencontres Peugeot Sport, she was impressive on her first participation in the 308 Racing Cup.
Poleman Teddy Clairet also took fastest race lap to claim another hat trick (pole position, race win and fastest lap) ahead of David Pouget and Julien Briché.
Amaury Richard, runner-up in the Juniors behind Teddy Clairet, was at the foot of the overall podium in front of Florian Briché.
Xavier Fouineau (#7 - JSB Compétition), Frédéric Caprasse, Sylvain Pussier (#54 - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport), and Lilou Wadoux completed the top 10. Finishing 11th, Stéphane Ventaja won the Gentlemen’s category, ahead of Denis Gibaud and Laurent Richard
RACE 2 (Sunday)
From pole position, Julien Briché took the lead on lap one, while Teddy Clairet was in second ahead of David Pouget, Jimmy Clairet, Florian Briché, Amaury Richard and Lilou Wadoux.
The race was a lively one throughout the top 10. Frédéric Caprasse, Amaury Richard and Xavier Fouineau put on another brilliant show for the thousands of spectators watching in Barcelona. Florian Briché found a way past Jimmy Clairet, who retired with a puncture.
At the end of  15 laps, Julien Briché won ahead of Teddy Clairet, who sealed the Junior title, and David Pouget, who secured his third place in the championship.
Florian Briché was the second Junior driver home, classified fourth overall ahead of Frédéric Caprasse, Xavier Fouineau and Amaury Richard.
In her second 308 Racing Cup race, Lilou Wadoux finished in a fine eighth ahead of Stéphane Ventaja and Sylvain Pussier.
In the Gentlemen category, Stéphane Ventaja was victorious ahead of Denis Gibaud and Gilles Colombani.
308 Racing Cup classification – Barcelona – Race 1 (15 laps)
  1. Teddy Clairet – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport (J)
  2. David Pouget – GPA Racing +2.098
  3. Julien Briché – JSB Compétition +2.804
  4. Amaury Richard – GPA Racing +10.371 (J)
  5. Florian Briché – JSB Compétition +13.185 (J)
  6. Xavier Fouineau – JSB Compétition +14.676
  7. Frédéric Caprasse – JSB Compétition +19.692
  8. Sylvain Pussier – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport +21.443
  9. Jimmy Clairet – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport +24.137
  10. Lilou Wadoux – JSB Compétition +24.186 (J)…
308 Racing Cup classification – Barcelona – Race 2 (15 laps)
  1. Julien Briché – JSB Compétition
  2. Teddy Clairet – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport +1.748 (J)
  3. David Pouget – GPA Racing +3.754
  4. Florian Briché – JSB Compétition +7.978 (J)
  5. Frédéric Caprasse – JSB Compétition +10.553
  6. Xavier Fouineau – JSB Compétition +14.278
  7. Amaury Richard – GPA Racing +19.144 (J)
  8. Lilou Wadoux – JSB Compétition +19.462 (J)
  9. Stéphane Ventaja – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport +30.844 (G)
  10. Sylvain Pussier – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport +31.330…
  1. Teddy Clairet - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport 169 points (2018 JUNIOR CHAMPION)
  2. Julien Briché - JSB Compétition 151points
  3. David Pouget - GPA RACING 116 points
  4. Jimmy Clairet - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport 99 points
  5. Amaury Richard - GPA RACING 72 points (J)
  6. Xavier Fouineau - JSB Compétition 52 points
  7. Florian Briché - JSB Compétition 49 points
  8. Frederic Caprasse – JSB Compétition 33 points
  9. Sylvain Pussier - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport 27 points
  10. Stephane Ventaja - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport 25 points (GENTLEMAN)
  11. Laurent Richard – GPA Racing 21 points (G)
  12. Veenesh Shunker - CVS Autos by Clairet Sport 20 points
  13. Marc Guillot - Milan Compétition 17 points
  14. Louis Méric – LM31 15 points (J)
  15. Fabio Mota - JSB Compétition 12 points
  16. Nicolas Milan – Milan Compétition 11 points
  17. Denis Gibaud - Milan Compétition 11 points (G)
  18. Gilles Colombani - Carsyt’M Racing 9 points
  19. Samuel Chaligne - SC Sport by Clairet Sport 5 points
  20. Gaetan Paletou – Milan Compétition 4 points (J)
  21. Xavier Guyonnet – GP Compétition by Clairet Sport 3 points
  22. Thierry Boyer - Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport 3 points
  23. Rodolphe Spitz – JSB Compétition 2 points
PS : At this stage in the season, new arrivals aren’t allowed to score points.
1-2 April   I   NOGARO (Gers  / France)
2-3 June   I   SPA FRANCORCHAMPS (Belgium)
14-15 July   I   DIJON (Côte d’Or  / France)
8-9 September   I   MAGNY-COURS (Nièvre  / France)
29-30 September   I   BARCELONA (Spain)
13-14 October   I   PAUL RICARD (Var / France)
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