Peugeot Rally Academy - FIA ERC | Round #4/6, 24-26 August  
This weekend the 4th round of the FIA European Rally Championship (FIA ERC) takes place in the Czech Republic, at the legendary Barum Czech Rally Zlin. This will be another opportunity for the PEUGEOT Rally Academy crew of Laurent Pellier and Geoffrey Combe to show their talents in the PEUGEOT 208 T16 on a classic event, which is one of the toughest of the entire season. On the menu are three days of intense competition: nearly 800 kilometres of driving in total, with 214 of them competitive over 15 asphalt special stages. This is a surface that suits the French duo particularly well, who will be looking for a strong performance after unfortunately retiring from the previous round in Italy last month.

Laurent Pellier - PEUGEOT Rally Academy driver
“After the Rally Di Roma Capitale in July, we took the time to analyse and work on our weaker areas in order to understand our mistakes and ensure that we didn’t repeat them. We’re in a learning period at the moment, and the objective that we have been given by the PEUGEOT Rally Academy is obviously to improve. It’s important to take away the positives from every experience as that is how you grow stronger. The rally in Italy was very difficult, and that was capped by going off the road. Nonetheless, our sights are set firmly on the future, and I feel really ready to attack the Barum Czech Rally Zlin !
Following on from my first session in January with Geoffrey, I recently went on the ‘321 Perform’ training course again: an intense training course specifically designed for motorsport competitors. For 3 days, it was full immersion with a mental and physical training coach, in the depths of the countryside in the Pyrenees. To start with, we evaluated my strengths and weaknesses to come up with a personalised programme. It was a real in-depth job, which allowed me to put in place some tools and processes to know myself better, improve, and at the end, go faster.
It was important for me to embark on the Barum Rally as well-prepared as possible, which is why on top of the training course, we also had a pre-event test in the Czech Republic with the PEUGEOT 208T16. The goal was to set up the car properly for this very specific asphalt surface : it’s a very quick and bumpy rally that also includes a few gravel sections, not to mention a fair number of potholes and a few other things to catch you out. It’s a really unique sort of surface, which you don’t find anywhere else. Luckily, I was already able to find out a bit more about this event last year, thanks to the ERC Experience. It’s definitely an advantage to have already done the recce for this rally.
So now I just can’t wait to get going! The Barum is one of the most important rallies in the entire European Championship. It’s a spectacular event, and as a driver, it’s a great challenge to face up to. Obviously the performance of the car plays a key part, but on a rally like this the driving makes the difference as well. The main thing is going to be adapting quickly to the conditions and getting the best out of them. I think there will certainly be a few surprises!
My aim is to do my very best to be among the leading group, and of course to take the maximum pleasure and enjoyment from this amazing experience. I want to be close to the best drivers and the specialists on this sort of event. There will be plenty of experienced local drivers as well as a number of WRC and WRC2 drivers, so the standard is sure to be very high.”
Geoffrey Combe – PEUGEOT Rally Academy co-driver
“After a mixed bag in Italy, myself and Laurent went through everything that happened in detail. On such unknown territory, it was tricky for us to be fast straight away. We wanted to be on the pace, which is very quick on the European Rally Championship, and unfortunately we made a small mistake that we didn’t get away with. It’s a shame as we could have had a good result. Obviously we’ll be making the most of the lessons learned from this on the next events. I experienced a bit of pain for a short while after the accident, so I decided to improve my physical condition, in order to absorb all the intense physical demands of rallying better. I feel ready for the Barum Rally now. For me, it’s the rally of the year, and above all, a huge celebration of motorsport. It’s also the last asphalt round. So it’s going to be important for us to perform strongly on these truly legendary roads.”
  • 48th edition of the Barum Czech Rally Zlin
  • Surface : asphalt
  • Route : 770.75km of which 214.45km are competitive, over 15 stages
Friday 24 August
  • 12.56km of which 9.52km are competitive, over 1 stage
  • 21.15 : SS1, Zlin – 9.51km
Saturday 25 August
  • 470.24km of which 118.77km are competitive, over 8 stages
  • 09.46 : SS2, Brezova – 9.23km
  • 10.39 : SS3, Semetin – 11.55km
  • 11.12: SS4, Rajnochovice – 13.65km
  • 13.45: SS5, Kudiovice – 21.43km
  • 15.56: SS6, Brezova – 8.23km
  • 16.49: SS7, Semetin – 11.55km
  • 17.22: SS8, Rajnochovice – 13.65km
  • 19.45: SS9, Kudlovice – 21.43km
Sunday 26 August
  • 300.51km of which 95.68km are competitive, over 6 stages
  • 08.43 : SS10, Halenkovice – 13.72km
  • 09.26 : SS11, Majak – 8.15km
  • 10.14: SS12, Kasava – 24.88km
  • 13.15: SS13, Halenkovice – 13.72km
  • 13.58: SS14, Majak – 8.15km
  • 14.46: SS15, Kasava – 24.88km
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