Round 3 of the 2017 308 Racing Cup took place in mixed conditions, but Julien Briché (JSB Compétition) and Jimmy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) came through the rain and sunshine to share the weekend’s two wins ahead of the summer break.

  • Dijon-Prenois produced plenty of entertaining action as the seventeen 308 Racing Cup runners battled for supremacy at the undulating French venue.
  • Mixed weather largely influenced the outcome when the first qualifying session took place in damp conditions, while the track was dry for the rest of the weekend.
  • Both races produced two one-two finishes, with JSB Compétition taking Saturday’s spoils thanks to winner Julien Briché and Xavier Fouineau, while Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport monopolised the top two places on Sunday with brothers Jimmy and Teddy Clairet.
  • The Juniors made another big impression, with Gaëtan Paletou (Milan Compétition) and Teddy Clairet claiming top-three finishes on Saturday and Sunday respectively.
Jimmy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport)
“My weekend got off to a flying start with the fastest time during free practice and a good run in qualifying which gave us our first taste of the 308 Racing Cup in the wet. Unfortunately, the first turn of the first race had catastrophic consequences when we got caught up in a tangle. That was a huge disappointment for Teddy and me. Today went much better for me and my younger brother, though, since we both started from the front row and went on to finish first and second. What more could you ask for?”
Julien Briché (JSB Compétition)
“We have won four of the six races contested to date! Saturday’s contest was marked by an incident at Turn 1 which gave us a big helping hand. We’ve got no special plan for the championship. We’re just taking one race at a time for the moment and things haven’t worked out too badly so far! The Peugeot 308 Racing Cup is a really competitive car and tremendous fun to drive.”
The damp first qualifying session set the tone for the rest of the weekend as Juniors Teddy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) and Amaury Richard (GPA Racing) posted the top two times. Jimmy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) qualified on the second row, with David Pouget (GPA Racing) starting alongside. Christian Jaquillard (JSB Compétition) emerged as the fastest Gentleman Driver.

The start order for Race 1 was turned on its head because of a big tangle at Turn 1 which eliminated Teddy Claret, Jimmy Clairet and David Pouget. Gaëtan Paletou (Milan Compétition), who had started from ninth on the grid, found himself at the front of the field during the ensuing Safety Car period but, when action resumed, Julien Briché (JSB Compétition) fought back to recover first place and steal the win. Xavier Fouineau and Gaëtan Paletou were second and third over the line. Christian Jaquillard (JSB Compétition) was the best-placed Gentleman Driver.

Conditions were dry for the second qualifying session which saw Teddy and Jimmy Clairet monopolise the front row, ahead of Gaëtan Paletou and Xavier Guyonnet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport).
Despite cautious starts, the Clairet brothers defended their advantage at lights-out, with Jimmy gaining the ascendancy over Teddy, the best-placed Junior. The siblings went on to clinch first and second places, split by less than a second. Julien Briché was third, while Denis Gibaud took revenge in the Gentleman Driver scrap.

Race 1: J. Briché (JSB Compétition), 18 laps / X. Fouineau (JSB Compétition), +3.745s / G. Paletou (Milan Compétition), Junior, +4.333s / X. Guyonnet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport), +15.548s / M. Potty (JSB Compétition), +15.990s / S. Pussier (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport), +21.971s. Etc.
Race 2: J. Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport), 18 laps / T. Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport), Junior, +0.554s / J. Briché (JSB Compétition), +11.690s / X. Guyonnet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport), +20.720s / G. Paletou (Milan Compétition), Junior, +24.493s. Etc.


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