Sébastien LOEB (4th in Austin) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo #9
“It was again a complicated weekend. We had a good speed but I had a penalty in Q2 & I paid quite a high price for it. In Q4, I was stuck in the traffic. The semi-final was a good heat for me but when you start from behind, it’s difficult to overtake, especially on this track. So I finished 2nd of the semi & 4th in the final... which was rough once more! I’ve been pushed in the 1st corner in the joker lap & went completely wide. All the cars that were in there at this moment took the opportunity to pass inside, in front of me. Then my joker lap strategy was already done so I had nothing to play with anymore. But OK, in the end we still scored some points & we’ll keep going.”
Timmy HANSEN (6th in Austin) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX Evo #21
"It was a difficult race week-end: we had to fight from the low & climb up step by step in the standings. I think it was already a good achievement to come to the final alongside all 6 factory cars. I've been fighting my best but it was quite a boring final since there were no overtaking opportunities on this track. I ended up 5th -  still one place up on the grid. I think we should be happy with the weekend after all we went through - for being in the final & finishing 5th.”
Kevin HANSEN (7th in Austin) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
“It did not quite go all the way this weekend. I think I had a very good speed but it was just a too tough semi-final for me in the end. I am a bit bumped that I could not use the speed I had this weekend to properly challenge for the podium. It’s a bit a shame but still I was feeling good in the car, knowing that we struggled a bit with the set-up the previous weekends, so now we are back to very good feelings. To summarize: not super happy but I would like to continue moving forward. Estering is one my favourite tracks so I can’t wait to go there. This weekend we had a good pace & I had a good feeling, so I will take this in my luggage & bring it to Germany.”
Timmy HANSEN (5th in Q4, 7th after Qualifying) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
"The mechanics made a brilliant job on the car between 2 heats in only 1 hour. In Q4 we had to make a good recovery. I was starting in the 1st race on the outside & was able to come out 1st from the joker. I caught the guys in front, I was a bit held up but finally, when I was free, I think I put everything together & it was enough for P5. That's what we needed to do. After all that happened this weekend, considering how difficult qualifying has been here, 7th going into the semi-finals is a very good result I think. This afternoon is a new start & I'm looking forward to it!"
Sébastien LOEB (6th in Q4, 6th after Qualifying) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
"Given my starting position, I had nothing else to do than going for the joker right after the start. I was a little bit in front of the Volkswagen cars at the start, so I wanted to get in the joker before them. But Kristoffersson went in with me, took it wide & pushed me. In the meantime, Chicherit took the opportunity to get in front of me & I found myself stuck behind him for almost all the race. As we already played our joker strategy, beside the fact that there are no overtaking possibilities on this track, it was over. It’s a pity because we don’t bring in as many points as we could. It’s always the same in RX: you have to take a good start, but even this is not enough when you start from the outside. Everything has to be aligned. Let’s keep going.”
Kevin HANSEN - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
"It was a good start again! I was 1st on the track so maybe I've been a bit too cautious in the 1st lap. But then I had a good feeling & a good run. Maybe not as high as I thought but we're in a good position for the semi-finals."
Sébastien LOEB (4th) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
"It's a pity it rained this morning because we had to cope with the drying of the track. But eventually, it's not that bad as I finish 4th. When I saw the rain this morning, I thought it would be a lot worst. It went relatively OK in the end. 4th isn't the best for the starting position in Q4 but the result of Q3 isn't too bad compared to what I was expecting. In all cases, the feeling with the car is good."
Kevin HANSEN (6th) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
"It was a great start again, really nice. I managed to get in front of the Volkswagen before they went into joker. I think I missed a little bit of speed on the run but in the end, I battled my way to 3rd place in the race & I'm 6th overall in Q3. It's good for the race and for today. One more qualifying heat to go & I'm feeling good."
Timmy HANSEN (DNF) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
"We had an engine problem already in the warm-up this morning. To still score points in the heat, we needed to do at least the start in Q3, whilst the guys were preparing the new engine in the service area. So I was just able to do the start, turned left & went straight back to the paddock to give them as much time as possible. It’s not easy to change an engine in such a short time but hopefully, they will manage. I trust them. I will need to make a good time in Q4 to pretend to go in the semi-final. No stress but focus."
Kevin HANSEN (4th overall after Day 1) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
"It was a really good start! We struggled a bit over the day with the starts so it was nice to get a really good one. And then I did my run, didn't look in the mirror at all, just focusing on what I had to do. The track improved throughout the day but I think I also got to a good feeling. All in all, it was a nice clean run without major mistake. To summarize: start on the low & end on the high!"
Timmy HANSEN (6th overall after Day 1) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
"I am upset about this Q2 race. Bakkerud hit my side door & pulled me off right in the corner of the joker lap, after the start section. At the end of the race, he came to see me & said it was a right payback for me… There’s nothing more to say. I finished last one of my race & 8th of Q2. Other than that, the track was improving a bit & I felt OK with the car, so it’s really disappointing. But I stay positive for tomorrow!"
Sébastien LOEB (7th overall after Day 1) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
"It was a complicated Q2 heat, like always when we are all the fast cars in the same heat. The rhythm was good, I was following Solberg. Then at the exit of the joker, we touched with Mattias, so we both lost some time there. I had some understeer in the corner, we touched a bit & I lost one place. It's a difficult track with no possibilities to overtake so it's all about being on a good rhythm from the start & not to do any mistake."
Sébastien LOEB (3th) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
"My 1st race went well, I could take the lead of the joker on the first lap. This enabled me to have a quite clean run without being too close to the others. Overall, it’s a good heat. Peter Solberg is very fast but I managed to get into the Top 3 already from Q1, so it’s quite OK."
Timmy HANSEN (4rd) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
"It was a close race. Seb, me & Kristoffersson went to the joker on the first lap with very equal starts. We ran in each other’s bumper. Seb ended up winning, I ended up 2nd but Kristoffersson, on that same train, he ended up 5th in the race, because it was so close. Even though I think I lost a little bit of time fighting with Timur on the middle lap, I should be happy with the result. It could have been a lot different. So the time was OK, we did a solid run & we'll go from here."
Kevin HANSEN (8th) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
"Q1 was nice. I did an OK start & I was 1st out of the joker in the end. I did overtaking there so it was good. Then the track developed all the time so it was a quite difficult run. I struggled a bit but in the end, it was important to gain a few places in the start. Now we have a good strategy for the rest of the race. Q1 was going to be our weak point I think: now we're ready for the fight."