Sat, 28/04/2018 - 23:00

Full results and standings here:
9 Sébastien LOEB - Q1 winner:
“I had a good place on the starting grid from yesterday’s draw and I managed to take advantage of this position to take the lead on the first lap. Then I had a clean run, no mistake. The car feels good so i could push. It’s a great feeling to take the win of Q1 and set the fastest lap of the day. So far it all comes nicely together! I'll start Q2 on pole with all the top competitors so we’ll have to fight!”
#21 Timmy HANSEN - P6:
“I almost beat Mattias Ekström in the corner at the start. I tried to brake a little late on the outside but it wasn’t quite enough. And then it was an OK run. I made a mistake on the last lap, but still it’s a solid first qualifying so we have something to work with.”
#71 Kevin HANSEN - P11:
"I had a very good start but I was on the outside so I took the joker straight away. I had two slow guys in my race and they didn’t take it so I got stuck behind them for two laps when I got out of the joker lap. I lost a lot of time. But I was pretty happy with the two other laps so at least we’re on the pace. We start Q2 on pole with a bit more control on the inside so that’s good!”
#21 Timmy HANSEN – Q2 winner:
"What a great race in Q2! I had a very good run, one of the best in a long time - from the start onwards and then with every corner, every lap… I did no mistake and I had a good rhythm on all four laps. It’s a great feeling when everything is coming together like this and you end at the top of the time sheets! In Montalegre it’s pure gravel driving style - you have to be quite agressive, play with the car and slide. It’s intense and fun! The Peugeot Sport engineers and mechanics have built the car we needed for these difficult conditions and I feel very confident thanks to them."
#9 Sébastien LOEB – P2:
"The feeling with the car was great today, I was able to play with it a bit more than usual! I enjoyed the gravel and the big slides a lot. We didn’t have big set-up changes but I felt confident and I could push. I won Q1 and I was very close behind Timmy in Q2 by only 0.04 seconds. It’s great to end the day with this kind of performance; I’ve missed a bit that winning feeling lately. At the beginning of the season, it was difficult to know where we would be and today, we had a very strong pace so it’s a good sign. The weather conditions could be different tomorrow, we’ll see what we can do with it.”
#71 Kevin HANSEN – P8:
"Today was a pretty good day overall and I love this track! The team has done a great job to adapt the car to this rallycross track. I had a good run in Q2 but I’m a bit disappointed with the final times. We are going to analyse the videos to understand what we can adjust. Tomorrow my objective is to go full attack!"
#21 Timmy HANSEN - P4: 
"I think it was a good run. Peter Solberg had a better launch than me so he could slot it in front even though I had the pole. Then I followed him through all four laps, as close as I could be. Andreas Bakkerud had a really good run, beating us after the joker. Fourth overall is not too bad although of course I would have preferred to win! We're still in the top with a good feeling in the car and there's still a long way to go into the race. We're in the fight!"

#71 Kevin HANSEN - P5:
"I had a really good start, I was first down to Turn 1 and then i had a completely free run. Maybe a small distraction from the guys in front as they took a very long time to joker. But overall I'm very happy with the run, not so far behind Johan Kristoffersson and I feel that I'm in a good shape today!"
#9 Sébastien LOEB - P6: 
"The run was OK, the conditions were quite difficult this morning, a bit trickier than yesterday. We had to drive with the rain tyres, it was very slippery. I was fighting with the other cars and it was also a bit more difficult to drive my car in these conditions than yesterday. Sixth overall in Q3 is not too bad but we aim for better in Q4."
#9 Sébastien LOEB - P5: 
"I feel less confortable on the wet track. Yesterday I had a great feeling, today it's a bit more complicated, but overall, it's not too bad. We're 2nd in the overall standings after the qualifying and we score good points. And I'm on pole for the semi-finals. We're going to give our best!"
#21 Timmy HANSEN - P6: 
"It was a tough Q4, very fast with some fighting. It could have been a very good race but I got pushed by Bakkerud in the joker lap, and he finally won the race... But in the end, I remain 4th in the overall standings, which is a good position, and I look forward to keep pushing in my semi-final.”
#71 Kevin HANSEN - P9:
"I had a very good start. I was first or at least I thought I was first when I wanted to go on the brake for Turn 1. But Kristoffersson was there touching my rear so I went straight to the joker. Bakkerund was in front after the joker. I tried to follow, I was third for all the heat. I made a small mistake in the last lap and lost 2 places. That's unfortunate, otherwise I think I could have been a bit higher. But I'm in the semi and ready for the fight."
#9 Sébastien Loeb - 2nd place in Montalegre:
"I had a really good feeling with the 208 WRX from the beginning. In the dry, the car was easy to handle, and I felt very confident. The final was run in amazing conditions - it's not normal to see snow at this time of the year! It was a good fight all weekend and I really enjoyed it. The battle is so close between everyone, but we are right up there too. You have to do everything perfectly if you want to have a good weekend in rallycross. It's not always easy but very satisfying when it happens.”
#21 Timmy Hansen - 6th place:
"In the final, I was going well but Kristofferson was faster, and I made a mistake when I was trying to keep up. The weather changed for the final and we didn’t have time to adapt the car to the slippery conditions: we still had the set up from the dry run before. So, I think that was part of it, but it was also my mistake as I went too fast into the corner, hit the rail and spun round. But in the end we had a good weekend: the pace is there every time we’re on track; there’s no reason to feel negative.”
#71 Kevin Hansen:
“I had a really good start again in the semi-final and then I was just behind Ekstrom: I was sure he was going to go for the joker. Then he braked, and I didn’t have time to stop: I hit him in the rear and broke the intercooler. So, that was it. I’m a bit disappointed. On the positive side, we’ve got good speed and I’ve been making better starts than Barcelona. We’ve had 2 events now and I’ve been through to the semi-final on each occasion. I feel very good with the car and I trust it. Without the incident in the semi, I think we could have been in the final.”