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Saturday 12 May & Sunday 13 May, 2018
Bruno Famin, PEUGEOT SPORT Director
“It’s a good result and it is exactly what we are working for. Overall the weekend has been very interesting. All the main teams were very close and our drivers did a very good job to stand out. We saw that all the heats, the semi-final and the final had very intense fights, especially with the changing weather conditions on Sunday. We made good choices with the setup and the drivers have been able to find their way. It was very tough with all the incidents at the start of the semi final and the final. I am very happy about the result because it shows the level of performance of the team. We have been working hard since the beginning of the season. It’s great to see Team PEUGEOT Total winning at the 3rd race of the season: we are a bit ahead of our schedule, but this is good for the team.”
Sébastien Loeb, PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
“It’s my 2nd win ever in my World RX career, and the 1st one this season! We already had 2 podiums so far, so it’s really great to keep up the momentum and now win here. It’s a nice achievement and I’m really happy for all the team. They deserved it! To be able to bring them the 1st victory is a real pleasure. In the final, I thought that Mattias had already ‘jokered’ before and that I was fighting for 2nd. Then in the last corner he took the joker and I won! I didn’t expect it, so it was an incredible feeling. The track here in Belgium is really challenging: you need to be very precise and even a little mistake is difficult to control. It’s just so demanding every lap, every corner. To be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect at the beginning of the season: what the level of all of the teams would be. We have had some small developments and finally here we are in the game, and in the middle of an intense fight with all of the other manufacturers. It’s really enjoyable to be able to be at the front.”
Timmy Hansen, PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
“Obviously when you start on pole you’re not expecting to see yourself last, and when I had a spin in Turn 1 in the semi-final I still thought that it was possible to come back because everyone still had to do the joker and we were fast. When I finally went for the joker I came out in 6th position and the guys in front had already done their joker. For one second, I thought that it was over, but I found a few places to overtake everywhere: as soon as one little gap opened I took it! From there, I was happy just to get to the final! I started 6th and exited the first corner 2nd behind Seb, and I was chasing him through all of the final. We ‘jokered’ together and Petter came out in between us. I think Team PEUGEOT Total has really earned this victory and the double podium. You have to remember it is actually a new team and they are doing an impressive job. There are so many new people; it is only the 3rd race we have done together and we already have a great result.”
Kevin Hansen, PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
“I think the weekend has been really good. After the crash I had last year, it took some time to get my confidence. Throughout this weekend I could feel the car getting better and better which helped me to keep building my pace. Overall I am very happy. Going into the semi-final was nice, and now that the first 3 races are done I am looking forward to getting into the mid-season, digging deep and trying to push for even better results. I can’t wait to visit Silverstone: it is a new track for everybody and I think that our car will suit the track very well.”
1. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON / Volkswagen Polo R – 75 pts
2. Sébastien LOEB / PEUGEOT 208 WRX – 66 pts
3. Petter SOLBERG / Volkswagen Polo R – 65 pts
4. Andreas BAKKERUD / Audi S1 – 61 pts
5. Timmy HANSEN / PEUGEOT 208 WRX - 59 pts
6. Mattias EKSTRÖM / Audi S1 – 59 pts
7. Niclas GRÖNHOLM / Hyundai i20 – 37 pts 
8. Janis BAUMANIS / Ford Fiesta - 32 pts
9. Guerlain CHICHERIT / Renault Mégane RS - 27 pts
10. Timur TIMERZYANOV / Hyundai i20 - 27 pts
11. Robin LARSSON / Ford Fiesta - 26 pts
12. Kevin HANSEN / PEUGEOT 208 WRX - 26 pts
13. Kevin ERIKSSON / Ford Fiesta - 15 pts
14. Jérome GROSSET-JANIN / Renault Mégane RS - 15 pts
15. Grégoire DEMOUSTIER / Peugeot 208 - 5 pts
1. PSRX Volkswagen Sweden - 140 pts
2. Team PEUGEOT Total - 125 pts
3. EKS Audi Sport - 120 pts
4. GRX Taneco - 64 pts 
5. GC Kompetition - 42 pts
6. Olsbergs MSE - 41 pts

Sébastien Loeb #9 – 2nd of Q4, 4th in the overall standings after Qualifying:
“The qualifying went quite well, we’re 4th overall. It was pretty tight! My Q3 run wasn’t very successful; we did a bad time & got stuck in the traffic, which was a bit complicated. The other qualifying heats were quite good however, so overall pretty good qualifying, especially in tricky conditions like today. We start in pole in the semi-final, which is great. We’ll have to take a good start, manage a good Turn 1 and then find the good rhythm adapted to these conditions. It’s not easy as the conditions are evolving from race to race."

Timmy Hansen #21 – 7th of Q4, 2nd in the overall standings after Qualifying:
“Qualifying overall was very good. I qualify 2nd. I had a win in Q3 and unfortunately in Q4 we chose the wrong tires when it started to rain. So I dropped one position. Still, I will start in pole in the semi-final.”
Kevin Hansen #71 – 10th of Q4, 9th in the overall standings after Qualifying:
“The qualifying has been going well. Yesterday I was 6th overall. Today I had a small mistake in Quali 3 and a bit of bad conditions in Quali 4. But very nice overall & i’m very optimistic for the semi-finals."
1. Mattias EKSTRÖM - 02:53.174
2. Sébastien LOEB - 02:58.539
3. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON - 02:59.989
4. Andreas BAKKERUD - 03:01.721
5. Robin LARSSON - 03:01.851
7. Timmy HANSEN - 03:02.392
8. Petter SOLBERG
10. Kevin HANSEN - 03:04.657
11. François DUVAL
12. Guerlain CHICHERIT
13. Niclas GRÖNHOLM
14. Grégoire DEMOUSTIER
16 - DNS. Kevin ERIKSSON
1. Mattias EKSTRÖM
2. Timmy HANSEN
4. Sébastien LOEB
5. Petter SOLBERG
6. Andreas BAKKERUD
7. Robin LARSSON
9. Kevin HANSEN
10. Janis BAUMANIS
11. Niclas GRÖNHOLM
12. Guerlain CHICHERIT
13. François DUVAL
15. Grégoire DEMOUSTIER
16. Kevin ERIKSSON 
Timmy Hansen #21 - Q3 winner & overall leader:
“It’s a good start to the day, I must say! I had a brilliant launch. I was 1st through the 1st corner. There was a bit of rain & we still had the slick tires on the car. It was tricky, I was taking it quite easy not to make a mistake, still trying to push in the areas where there was grip & taking it easy in the areas where there was less grip. It seemed to be enough. I finished 1st & my main competitors were a bit down on the list so I took the lead overall. We’re now keeping an eye on these guys & on the weather conditions as it’s changing. We’ll see how it goes in Quali 4. We have to be aware & nothing comes for free just because we’re in a good position now. We still have to be focused!”

Sébastien Loeb #9 - 10th of Q3:
“It didn’t go very well. I had quite a good start & was 2nd in the 1st corner. Then I was in the fight & took the joker immediately. I didn’t do a very good lap after the joker, maybe because of the mud in the joker. Ekström took the joker in the following lap & exited in front of me. I was behind & it was difficult to find an opportunity to overtake. We were 3 - Ekström, me & Solberg - in the same rhythm & eventually, the result is not so good. In Quali 4 we start on the outside, it won’t be easy.”

Kevin Hansen #71 - 15th of Q3:
“I had a very good start but it was very slippery because of the rain so I was quite careful with my speed. And then, on the joker lap on the last lap, I entered a bit too fast & a bit too sideways & I stalled the engine.”
1. Timmy HANSEN / 02:53.469
2. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON / 02.54.620
3. Niclas GRÖNHOLM / 02:54.771
4. Andreas BAKKERUD / 02:55.519
5. Janis BAUMANIS / 02:55.837
7. Mattias EKSTRÖM
9. Robin LARSSON
10. Sébastien LOEB / 02:58.085
11. Petter SOLBERG
12. Guerlain CHICHERIT
13. François DUVAL / 02:59.163
14. Grégoire DEMOUSTIER
15. Kevin HANSEN / 03:05.640
#21 Timmy HANSEN – 2nd:
“Q2 was exactly the kind of race that you want to win. Very good battle, the joker lap strategy came together very well although I went slightly wide when I took it. Then I had a really good lap and I saw Petter and myself coming out side by side. It was like a remake of the final last year! Crossing the finish line of my Q2 race first was a great feeling! I’m third in the standings so we have a bit of work to do for tomorrow but I’ve had a very good day overall. It’s great to see three manufacturers in the Top 3 in the intermediate standings after Day 1. The fight is super close. The PEUGEOT 208 WRX feels perfect, I feel very confident with it and we have a great rhythm so all the best conditions for tomorrow.”
#9 Sébastien Loeb – 4th:
“It was a very intense Qualifier 2 with all the top drivers and a big fight at the beginning of the race. I take P4 in Q2, which is OK, and I’ll be in the last heat tomorrow. It’s always better, especially if it’s wet in the morning, to race Q3 in the last heat. It’s all good so far and I’m looking forward to tomorrow!”
#71 Kevin HANSEN – 6th:
“I’m quite happy with my 6th position in Q2! I was starting on the outside, I managed to get out in fourth and managed my way through all the dust that we have in rallycross. I had quite a lot of contact today as you can see on my yellow beast but I really enjoyed the driving on this track and the speed is there. To be 6th overall in the intermediate standings after Day 1 is a good result. Compared to last year when I had my accident, I feel that I’m back in my power moment.”
1. Mattias EKSTRÖM - 02:44.169
2. Timmy HANSEN - 02:44.184
3. Petter SOLBERG - 02:44.711
4. Sébastien LOEB - 02:45.438
5. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON - 02:45.747
6. Kevin HANSEN - 02:46.684
7. Guerlain CHICHERIT
8. François Duval
9. Robin LARSSON
10. Andreas BAKKERUD
12. Niclas GRÖNHOLM
13. Kevin ERIKSSON
14. Janis BAUMANIS
16. Grégoire DEMOUSTIER
#9 Sébastien Loeb – 2nd:
“It was a really good Q1 race! I’ve been struggling a bit in the free practice to find the right set-up and the confidence in the car but we’ve got it now. I took a very good start, I was able to enter first in the first corner and then managed to keep this position. I pushed really hard all along the run and made no big mistake. Overall a clean run and a good result! Now we start Q2 with all three PEUGEOT cars in the same race. While it shows a strong team performance, it’s not what we prefer because for sure we don’t want to fight against each other. On the other hand side, we know that we shouldn’t be too aggressive with our own teammates. Therefore it will be important to be clever!”
#21 Timmy HANSEN – 3rd:
“The practice first of all has been very good for us. I was really in the rhythm and kept that going in Q1. I feel very confortable on the track in the PEUGEOT 208 WRX. The track conditions were improving quite a lot and I was in the first race. I still had some wet spots but still I was able to be P3. The greatest news is that all three of us will be in the final heat in Q2. I think it’s the best result for us in the Qualifying as a team this far. It’s a really good start for the day!”
#71 Kevin HANSEN – 5th:
“I had a very good start and a very rough Turn 1 with Ekström on the outside and Chicherit on the inside. We all had a big contact but I managed to exit first. Throughout the contact I was moved in my seat so I was feeling a little bit strange in the first lap. Then I got into the rhythm and did a quite OK job I think. The race win is nice at least and P5 overall is not so bad. I think it’s good to be in the last race in Q2. Hopefully we can do a good Turn 1 next time. Now we have some work to do on the car and try to make a big step for the 2nd run. It will be interesting to be all in the same race in Q2, I think it’s the first time it happens, let’s see how it goes. With two Volkswagen and three Peugeot, we’ll have to be clear with the team tactics. We’re fully prepared to do the best things for our side!”
1. Petter SOLBERG - 02:45.223
2. Sébastien LOEB - 02:45.779
3. Timmy HANSEN - 02:46.970
4. Johan KRISTOFFERSSON - 02:47.090
5. Kevin HANSEN - 02:47.515
6. Mattias EKSTRÖM
7. Andreas BAKKERUD
9. Robin LARSSON
11. Kevin ERIKSSON
12. Guerlain CHICHERIT
13. Janis BAUMANIS
14. François Duval
15. Niclas GRÖNHOLM
16. Grégoire DEMOUSTIER
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