Sunday 1 July, 2018
Timmy HANSEN - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
"Right now I'm really frustrated. The guys in the team - engineers, mechanics, and me too - I think we did a great job to adapt to all the changes with the updated 208 PEUGEOT WRX. We had a fantastic weekend. I was in second position on the last lap during the final. First of all Bakkerud pushed me out of the line & passed me. And then Ekström completely pushed me off the track & I dislocated my shoulder on the impact. So I am in a bit of pain. Both, in the shoulder and you know - inside. We still have a lot of potential to discover in all of these updates. So it's easy to be motivated for what comes next. We will become faster & faster throughout the year. So at the next race in Canada we can hopefully fight for the win.”
​Kevin HANSEN - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
"It was a really good weekend. We worked hard to progress during the weekend for our 1st race with the PEUGEOT 208 WRX in basic 2018 spec. It's a bit different from the previous one so it took a while to get used to it with the set-up & everything. Starting from warm-up this morning, everything has been working better & better all over the day & I think we progressed a lot both with the set-up & driving. And to get into final once again is really amazing. We fought our way trough the semi final with a technical problem there as well. And then in the final, we stopped on lap 2 with another technical problem. So it's a shame - but making it to the final here in Höljes is really great."
Sebastien LOEB - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
“I'm not so satisfied with the weekend, I have to say. I had a difficult Q1 & Q2. In Q3 this morning, I hit Timerzyanov & broke my suspension so I finished last from the heat. After Q4, I qualified 7th overall for the Semi-Finals. With that place, you start in the ​2nd row outside which isn’t the best position. So I went into a bad system from the start & didn't manage to get out of that. Our objective for the championship is to collect points & we don’t get many this weekend. Eventually I’m losing some places in the overall ranking too. Kristofferson is moving further away at the top & that wasn't the goal. Overall the updated PEUGEOT 208 WRX feels better than the previous one but w​e still ​need to improve in the future."
Timmy HANSEN (3rd in Q4, 3rd overall) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
"Q4 was a bit more intense, I had some fight with the VW Polos. I came up behind them & tried to overtake. But it's only qualifying & I didn't want to do too much. The car felt good, it looks like we’ve found a satisfying set-up. And I think we will keep it like this for the semi-finals. Good job from the mechanics & engineers again as it's been a big challenge for us. Super happy to qualify 3rd overall given everything that happened & everything we've gone through with the introduction of the new upgrades. Now the semi & final are still to come & I'll push like never before.”
Sebastien LOEB (6th in Q4, 7th overall) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
"I was in the 1st heat & they put some water on the track so it was a bit wet. Other than that, Q4 was ok, it was a clean run for me. Now let’s focus on the semi-finals." 
Kevin HANSEN (9th in Q4, 8th overall) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
"I didn't do the best start again but then on the run, I had quite a big gap into the joker lap. I had a clean run although at one point I got stuck behind Larsson who had a puncture. Overall the feeling in the car was really nice. Now I’m really looking forward to the semi-finals!”
Timmy HANSEN (2nd) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
"Q3 was probably the best run we've had this far in the race. I got into the joker on the 1st lap, so then I had all the race by myself to push as far as I could & I was able to move up from 3rd to 2nd. I think it's a really good result. The PEUGEOT 208 WRX is feeling better & better. We're making changes & they're going in the right direction. It was a nice step forward! Now I'm excited to see if we can get even better than this."
Kevin HANSEN (8th) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
"Q3 was a bit messy at the start. I followed Seb to the joker but he hit Timerzyanov & went very wide. We were 3 cars in the joker so we set up a big mess, going off & putting a lot of sand around. I didn't see properly for a while. But in the end, I got out 2nd behind Grosset-Janin. I managed to overtake him in the last corner & then did 3 really good laps which I'm quite proud of! I really start to have a good feeling with the car & even if the 1st lap wasn't the best, I think I completed a good run & I gave the maximum I could. I'm quite happy!"
Sebastien LOEB (17th) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
"I had quite a lot of bad luck in Q3. We had a very bad session: in the 1st corner when I entered to the joker, I passed next to Timerzyanov, we touched a little bit & I broke my rear wheel. Then we had 4 laps to do like this with a broken wheel, so very slow. I'm last of the heat & that's not good for the intermediate overall standings."
Timmy HANSEN (3rd overall after Day 1) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
 "Q2 was another very good race, I put together 4 really good laps. I couldn’t quite follow Kristoffersson, he was really fast around here. But we’re getting closer in the feeling with all these updates we’re putting together. We knew it would be a challenge for everybody - mechanics, engineers and myself - coming here with this new package... and it’s been so much harder than I thought! The amount of work we’ve done already this week-end, day & night, to adapt to this is huge & I’m really proud of my team. We end up Day 1 with two 3rd places & I’m honestly very happy with this result. We’re going to continue working this evening to close the gap even more. The car felt better today. It’s a challenge but it has such great potential! We wanted to bring these new updates as early as possible & we knew it would be a risk. But we’re here: P3 overnight & definitely in the race. Anything can happen here!”
Sébastien LOEB (6th overall after Day 1) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
 "I got a bit pushed towards the outside in Q2 because I started in P5 & I quickly saw that I had no chance to overtake. So after a moment, I decided to keep my position behind to be safe. Overall, the heat went quite OK. I had a little understeer & also one of the tyres was a bit worn on the side so we’re going to analyse & work on that. P5 in Q1 & P7 in Q2 isn’t outstanding so the objective is definitely to progress. To summarise, the feeling at the end of this 1st day with the updated PEUGEOT 208 WRX is quite good but we know we still have a lot of work to do."
Kevin HANSEN (8th overall) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
 "Q2 was a lot better. We kept the car like it was because I felt it was very good in Q1. This time I tried to make a better start. We didn’t really achieve that but we had a much better run, much more consistant. Now we need to see what we can do on the set-up to come back stronger tomorrow. We’re 8th after Quali 2 so for sure we want to be higher. Since it is my 1st race with this car - with the basic 2018-spec - we have to adapt and be flat out."
Timmy HANSEN (3rd) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #21
"I really did my best in Q1 - I think the maximum of what I can right now. A 3rd place finish is good but obviously we want to be P1, so we have a bit of work ahead. Still it’s a good result to start the weekend. I am really pleased with the run I put in & I really maximized what I had in the conditions we have at this moment. I am happy with this & hopefully we can take another step forward for Q2."
Sébastien LOEB (5th) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #9
"It was a good heat overall. I started in P3 : Bakkerud went straight to the joker & I came behind Solberg. Then I followed him & struggled a bit to catch him. I lacked a little bit of speed but not much. The car reacted well. We need a bit more grip so we’re still working on finding the right set-up but for a 1st feeling, I’m quite satisfied."
Kevin HANSEN (10th) - PEUGEOT 208 WRX #71
"I think I didn't have the best start - I got stuck in traffic. The car actually felt way better than during practice, so that was good. But then I didn't do a very good joker, I went a bit too safe. So I got stuck in traffic again when I exited. It could have been a better start to the weekend but it will come back."