Job: co-driver for Stephane PETERHANSEL
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 74 kg
Eyes: Blue-Green
Live in: France
Nationality: French
Birth Date: 16/06/1963


Ratherbeach or mountains?  Moutains
What’s your dream destination? I travelled in many dream destinations thanks to rally-raid races, but if I had to choose a place to strand on, it would rather be a desert island
Rather sweet or salty? Sweet
Fast food or gourmet? Gourmet
What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor? Strawberries
Which home-cooked-meal would you be? A nice grilled fish
Which drink would you be? Water
What’s your favorite & necessary foodstuff - that you can’t live without? Bread
The first thing you swallow when get out of bed? A cofee
The last thing you do before sleeping? I watch TV
How many hours of sleep on average? 6h30
What do you think is your biggest character quality? Being too kind
What do you think is your biggest character flaw? Helpful
What’s your musical taste/style? I often listen to the French singer ''Florent Pagny''
What’s your favorite movie style? Action movies
Do you have other passions in life than motorsport? Yes, for mechanic. And also to take care of my loved ones.
How do you spend your time in between 2 races? I prepare the next one, I read the motorsport news, ...
What makes you laugh? To share daily race anecdotes with the team
What is the thing that irritates you the most? No to make the right choice
The best time of your life until now? When I was 20 years old: I had much fun, made everything and anything with my friends without thinking twice about it
Which object/artifact to live the next 95year? An innovative response to the challenge of mobility; I have to tell it like this because it's very likely that a ''simple car'' would not exist anymore in 2111!
Which Peugeot for your daily life? Peugeot 308
If you would be a weekday, which one would it be? Saturday
If you would be a number, which one would it be? 6
If you would be a color, which one would it be?  Blue
If you would be an animal, which one would it be? A dog
Vintage or modern? Modern
Any addiction? To the mobile phone; everyone is so addicted, you have it on youeverywhere you go!
Any superstition? I would rather say yes, I have few objects that I take with me in the car
Any scars? A lot, even on my face
Any tatoo? No
How did you get to motorsport and co-driving / How does it appear to be your vocation?
My passion for mechanic and race cars brought me to co-driving. I started doing bricolage from an early age. I remember few guys in my hometown that held a racing-car; I used to admire them as a small child. As a young boy, I was working in a mechanical-workshop; I started motorsport competition in 1976 as mechanic. I get to prepare the assistance cars for Thierry Sabine; we were in the ‘’roaring twenties’’ period of Dakar Rally. In that time the assistance cars were running on the race track from one bivouac to another, and the mechanic in charge of driving it: from assistance car co-driver I became race car co-driver in 1983. Now we are in 2016 and I am still seating in the right tub of rally-cars!
Your most beautiful/biggest emotion in your motorsport career ?
My first Dakar victory; it was in 2004 with Stéphane Peterhansel.