Round #4 of 6, Magny-Cours (France) | September 8-9, 2018
By combining the weekend’s two race victories with both fastest race laps and qualifying wins at Nevers Magny-Cours, France, Julien Briché (#4 JSB Compétition) has paved the way for a thrilling final run-in to the 2018 308 Racing Cup. With two meetings to come, the defending 308 Racing Cup champion has seriously closed the gap to the provisional leader, Junior runner Teddy Clairet who failed to finish Race 2 on Sunday. Meanwhile, thanks to a score of two podium finishes at Magny-Cours, Jimmy Clairet (#21 Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) has squeezed past David Pouget (#15 GPA RACING) into third spot. The situation at the top of the order is consequently extremely close and there still everything to play for!

  • After the summer break, an 18-car grid marked the resumption of the PEUGEOT Sport single-make series featuring the 308 Racing Cup as part of the Championnat de France des Circuits programme at Nevers Magny-Cours where spectators were treated to plenty of thrilling racing.
  • Julien Briché won both the weekend’s races to take his score for the year to four victories, and he is now level with the championship’s young pacesetter Teddy Clairet in terms of race wins this season. The two drivers are split by just 13 points in the provisional Drivers’ standings after the year’s fourth meeting.
  • Saturday’s race saw Teddy Clairet scoop the Junior spoils, while Amaury Richard (#23 GPA RACING) stole the category limelight on Sunday when he topped the order for the first time this season.
  • The weekend’s Gentleman Drivers victors were Denis Gibaud (Race 1) and GPA RACING’s Laurent Richard (#17, Race 2).
2nd in the 2018 provisional Drivers’ standings / 2017 champion
“It turned out to be an excellent weekend for me and I’ve managed to close the gap to Teddy Clairet, although he still leads by 13 points. My car ran really well on Saturday and I was able to follow up victory in qualifying with the day’s win and the fastest race lap. Qualifying was much closer this morning [Sunday] and, during the race, Jimmy Clairet drove flat out all the way to keep me under pressure from start to finish. There are two more meetings, so it’s a little too soon to start thinking about how it will all end. Our plan is obviously to keep working hard to try and conclude the year on top. For that, we will need to stay focused and take each of the remaining races as they come.”

The first 308 Racing Cup clash after the summer break saw Julien Briché (#4 JSB Compétition) hit the ground running to claim pole position with a time of 1m47.998s, shadowed by the Clairet brothers. Florian Briché (#24 JSB Compétition) earned a second-row start, while David Pouget (#15 GPA Racing) and Amaury Richard (#23 GPA Racing) qualified on Row 3. The order’s top six featured three Juniors, namely Teddy Clairet, Florian Briché and Amaury Richard.
Julien Briché got away to the best start in Race 1, chased by Jimmy and Teddy Clairet, Florian Briché, David Pouget and Frédéric Caprasse (#33 JSB Compétition). Aided by the day’s fastest race lap, Briché immediately started to pull out a gap, while Florian Briché fell back two places after getting caught out through the ‘180°’ left-hander. On the last lap, Teddy passed brother Jimmy into second place, but the lead was safe in Julien Briché’s hands. David Pouget finished just shy of the podium, with Florian Briché, Xavier Fouineau, Amaury Richard, Frédéric Caprasse, Denis Gibaud and Sylvain Pussier rounding out the top 10.
Saturday’s Junior winner was Teddy Clairet, ahead of Florian Briché and Amaury Richard.
Denis Gibaud took Race 1’s Gentleman Drivers prize and was followed over the line by Stéphane Ventaja (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) and Laurent Richard (GPA Racing).
Julien Briché was in similar form on Sunday and was quickest once more in qualifying to beat Jimmy Clairet, Teddy Clairet and Xavier Fouineau. Amaury Richard and David Pouget qualified on the third row.
At the start of Race 2, Julien Briché was first out of Turn 1, clear of Teddy Clairet who was side-lined later the same lap after a tangle with Xavier Fouineau who involuntarily took off Frederic Caprasse in the process. The incident prompted a six-lap interruption behind the Safety Car, after which Julien Briché successfully defended his lead despite pressure from the particularly fired-up Jimmy Clairet. Xavier Fouineau recovered to take third place at the end of the 30-minute race. Amaury Richard, David Pouget, Veenesh Shunker and Laurent Richard were fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh respectively.
Result: 308 Racing Cup – Magny-Cours – Race 1
  1. Julien Briché – JSB Compétition, 15 laps
  2. Teddy Clairet – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport, +2.281s (J)
  3. Jimmy Clairet – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport, +3.058s
  4. David Pouget – GPA Racing, +8.198s
  5. Florian Briché – JSB Compétition, +9.358s (J)
  6. Xavier Fouineau – JSB Compétition, +12.478s
  7. Amaury Richard – GPA Racing, +15.170s (J)
  8. Frédéric Caprasse – JSB Compétition, +15.568s
  9. Denis Gibaud – Milan Compétition, +36.050s (G)
  10. Sylvain Pussier – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport, +37.235s
Result: 308 Racing Cup – Magny-Cours – Race 2
  1. Julien Briché – JSB Compétition, 14 laps
  2. Jimmy Clairet – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport, +0.918s
  3. Xavier Fouineau – JSB Compétition, +7.149s
  4. Amaury Richard – GPA Racing, +12.837s (J)
  5. David Pouget – GPA Racing, +13.385s
  6. Veenesh Shunker – CVS Autos by Clairet Sport, +27.062s
  7. Laurent Richard – GPA Racing, +27.390s (G)
  8. Stéphane Ventaja – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport, +27.737s (G)
  9. Sylvain Pussier – Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport, +30.703s
  10. Fabio Mota – JSB Compétition, +31.156s
1. Teddy Clairet – Pussier Automobiles by Claret Sport, 131 points (JUNIOR)
2. Julien Briché - JSB Compétition, 118 points
3. Jimmy Clairet – Pussier Automobiles by Claret Sport, 95 points
4. David Pouget - GPA Racing, 89 points
5. Amaury Richard - GPA Racing, 57 points (J)
6. Xavier Fouineau - JSB Compétition, 40 points
7. Florian Briché - JSB Compétition, 31 points (J)
8. Frederic Caprasse – JSB Compétition, 20 points
9. Sylvain Pussier - Pussier Automobiles by Claret Sport, 20 points
10. Stephane Ventaja - Pussier Automobiles by Claret Sport, 19 points (GENTLEMAN)
11. Laurent Richard – GPA Racing, 19 points (G)
12. Veenesh Shunker - CVS Autos by Clairet Sport, 18 points
13. Marc Guillot – Milan Compétition, 17 points
14. Louis Meric - LM31, 12 points (J)
14. Fabio Mota - JSB Compétition, 12 points
16. Nicolas Milan - Milan Compétition, 11 points
17. Denis Gibaud - Milan Compétition, 9 points (G)
18. Gilles Colombani - Carsyst’m Racing, 7 points (G)
19. Samuel Chaligne - SC Sport by Clairet Sport, 5 points
20. Gaëtan Paletou Milan Compétition, 4 points (J)
21. Xavier Guyonnet - GP Compétition by Clairet Sport, 2 points
22. Thierry Boyer -  Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport, 1 point (G)

April 1-2: NOGARO (France)
June 2-3: SPA FRANCORCHAMPS (Belgium)
July 14-15: DIJON (France)
September 8-9: MAGNY-COURS (France)
September 29-30: BARCELONA (Spain)
October 13-14: PAUL RICARD (France
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