As of season 2021, Peugeot Sport is offering the opportunity to the teams and drivers of a 308 Racing Cup to continue the competition within the Ultimate Cup Series.


  • Peugeot Sport wanted to allow drivers and teams of the 308 Racing Cup to continue their racing endeavors in the best conditions possible for organisation and budget. The GT Sprint category, dedicated to GT Supertourism cars, has proved to be the most relevant structure to make this possible.


  • The 308RC by Ultimate Cup Series will benefit from a specific ranking within the GT Sprint for which Peugeot Sport will offer a prize for the 2021 winner.


  • The success of the Ultimate Cup Series since its inauguration two years ago, guarantees the teams and drivers of the 308 Racing Cup a competitive and affordable platform to compete on the most prestigious race tracks of France and Europe.


  • The Ultimate Cup, present in endurance racing and speed motorbike racing in France, launched its car racing championship in 2019. Founded by Vincent VIGIER and his passionate team, this new serie is once again supported by Michelin. The Ultimate Cup Series reunites several disciplines among the most popular in car racing; GT Endurance, Proto, Monoplace et GT Supertourisme. Since the beginnnig, the Ultimate Cup Series brings together teams and drivers who are passionate, motivated and determined.



Francois Wales – Peugeot Sport Director:

“We hold close to our hearts the responsibility to guide our 308 Racing Cup clients toward new challenges that meet all of our conditions in terms of driving time, cost, organisation and renowned race tracks. The Ultimate Cup Series offers a program with a very high standard. Throughout our discussions with the UCS we have discovered a shared vision and way of doing things that I have no doubt our clients will be satisfied in this competition. We will be behind them in this transition and would like to thank them for their loyalty in maintaining an end of the year prize.”



Vincent Vigier – Ultimate Cup Series Director:

“It’s a great pleasure for the Ultimate Cup Series family to welcome the 308RC Peugeot Sport into our championship. This new category will allow us to confirm our quality plateau with the most attractive cars on each track. Conviviality, performance and satisfaction are the key words for our championship that we are excited to share with Peugeot Sport.”




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