208 Rally Cup | Rallye d’Antibes (asphalt) - Round 2 of 7
Round 2 of the 2018 208 Rally Cup (May 18-20) will take crews to the French Riviera for the 53rd running of the Rallye d’Antibes Côte d’Azur. Twenty-two crews have signed up for the first asphalt fixture of the campaign and PEUGEOT Sport’s single-make showpiece will feature 12 sealed-surface stages on Saturday and Sunday totalling 204.38 kilometres.

  • The Rallye d’Antibes is always one of the most eagerly-awaited rounds of the French Rally Championship and this year’s event – which takes in several stages made famous by the Rallye de Monte-Carlo – will provide 208 Rally Cup participants with the ideal opportunity to demonstrate the PEUGEOT 208R2’s potential on asphalt. The programme includes the infamous Col de Turini which is reputed across the sport for both its challenge and stunning backdrop. Two attempts at this classic test are scheduled for the second leg (Sunday) of what promises to be a fiercely-fought weekend!
  • The twenty-two 208 Rally Cup entries will be keen to shine on the asphalt roads which snake through the mountains that tower over the Côte d’Azur following the victory of Yohan Rossel (Team Sarrazin Motorsport) on the 2018 competition’s opener (Rallye Terre des Causses), ahead of Karl Pinhero (Saintéloc Racing) and Quentin Ribaud (CHL Sport Auto). The championship has barely kicked off, however, and all the registered drivers will be keen to boost their chances of winning the end-of-year prize, a drive in a four-wheel drive car in 2019. The ranks of likely challengers also include Enzo Baraccani and Cyril Audirac who both enjoy good local knowledge.
  • In the Junior battle (for under 23-year olds), Hugo Margaillan will begin the year’s second qualifier at the top of the provisional order with 10 points in the bank. He will naturally be keen to defend that early lead on the season’s first asphalt outing against the likes of Thomas Baudoin (3 points) and Léo Rossel (1). Hugo Bonfils, who will be starting his first round of the 2018 208 Rally Cup, also appears on the list of Junior starters in Antibes.
Yohan Rossel
(Driver – Sarrazin Motorsport / 1st, 2018 Rallye Terre des Causses):
“My season with Team Sarrazin Motorsport got off the best possible start when I won the opening round not long after taking delivery of the car. The team did a tremendous job to provide me with a top car. My co-driver Benoit and I are delighted to be taking part in this year’s 208 Rally Cup. I’ve contested a number of single-make championships over the years and I firmly believe that is the best of them all, and the prizes are fantastic. The important thing will be to stay focused on our objective by trying to finish in the big points again and not make any mistakes. This will be my fourth attempt at the Rallye d’Antibes which is an event I always enjoy. We will see how we compare with our rivals but I’m sure it’s going to be close, which is a good thing, especially when the carrot is a drive in a Citroën C3R5 in 2019!”
Karl Pinheiro
(Driver – Saintéloc):
“Along with Team Saintéloc, we prepared for the Rallye d’Antibes by taking part in the recent Rallye de L’Escarène which we used to work on finding a bespoke set-up for this weekend’s stages. We have also planned a test at the beginning of the week to finetune this groundwork. We’re hoping for a strong result and – why not? – a podium finish. The level is going to be very high so we will concentrate on coming away with a good points haul and staying out of trouble. The main prize that is up for grabs at the end of the season is a good motivator and we intend to do everything in our power to win it.”
Quentin Ribaud
(Driver – CHL Sport Auto):
“I have previous experience of the Rallye d’Antibes because I did it in 2016, in a PEUGEOT 208R2. Even so, I’ve been refreshing my memory by taking a look at onboard videos of the different stages. Our aim is to win it to pocket more points than our rivals Yohan Rossel and Karl Pinheiro. We will also be keeping a close eye on Cyril Audirac who is from the area and who is strong on this event. He won’t be easy to match but we will do all we can to earn some of the prizemoney that Peugeot Sport provides at every round.”
Enzo Baraccani
(Driver – Team Pit Stop Rallye)
“We are back with Team Pit Stop for what is essentially our home round and we are targeting a top-three finish. After the gravel Rallye Terre des Causses which kicked off the season, we feel more comfortable on asphalt. A good points haul is just what we need to put us back in contention after our mediocre run on the Terre des Causses due to our relative lack of experience on dirt. The prospect of winning a drive in a C3R5 in 2019 is a tremendous stimulant and is the sort of prize that can give youngsters like myself, with relatively little experience, a chance to show our skills in a competitive, latest-generation car run by an official team.”
  1. Yoan Rossel / Benoit Fulcrand - SARRAZIN MOTORSPORT
  2. Karl-Alexandre Pinheiro / Franck Le Floch - CPS QUALITY-SAINTELOC RACING
  3. Quentin Ribaud / Mathieu Maurin - CHL SPORT AUTO
  4. Hugo Margaillan / Sébastien Poujol - CHL SPORT AUTO (JUNIOR)
  5. Aki Sahila / Rami Suorsa - CPS QUALITY-SAINTELOC RACING
  6. Thomas Baudoin / Margot Basso - PH SPORT (JUNIOR)
  7. Enzo Baraccani / Matthieu Belhacene - PIT STOP
  8. Léo Rossel / Alexandre Coria - SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING (JUNIOR)
  9. Brandon Maisano /Pierre Pebeyre - EASY RALLY
  10. Cyril Audirac / Benjamin Porta - EASY RALLY
  11. Patrick Magnou/  - ARCAUTO
  12. Xavier Quinsac / Charlene Gallier
  13. Romain Di Fante / Vincent Delaplanche - CHL SPORT AUTO
  14. Nicolas Lathion / Yannick Schriber - SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING
  15. Mohamed Al Mutawaa / Aaron Johnston - PH SPORT
  16. Boris Ruffa / Raphaël Ruffa - HBRC RACING
  17. Meirion Evans / Jonathan Jackson – CHAZEL
  18. Dorian Delagne / Bastien Dumas -  CPI ENJOLRAS FRA
  19. Cédric Noé / Alex Vignolle - TREGOU RACING
  20. Benjamin Boulenc / Jules Escartefigue - CHAZEL
  21. Hugo Bonfils / Olivier Brouze - EASY RALLY (JUNIOR)
  22. Alexandre Latella / Caroline Latella-Berchio - MIELE RACING
  1. Yoan Rossel / Benoit Fulcrand - SARRAZIN MOTORSPORT 23 points
  2. Karl-Alexandre Pinheiro / Franck Le Floch - CPS QUALITY-SAINTELOC RACING 15 points
  3. Quentin Ribaud / Mathieu Maurin - CHL SPORT AUTO 12 points
  4. Hugo Margaillan / Sébastien Poujol - CHL SPORT AUTO 10 points (JUNIOR)
  5. Emmanuel Gascou / Alexandre Vida – CHL SPORT AUTO 8 points
  6. Matthieu Margaillan / Mathilde Margaillan – PH SPORT 6 points
  7. Aki Sahila / Rami Suorsa - CPS QUALITY-SAINTELOC RACING 4 points
  8. Thomas Baudoin / Margot Basso - PH SPORT 3 points (JUNIOR)
  9. Enzo Baraccani / Matthieu Belhacene - PIT STOP 2 points
  10. Léo Rossel / Alexandre Coria - SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING 1 point (JUNIOR)
Due to the cancelation of the Rallye Terre du Diois, which was originally planned for June 14-16, PEUGEOT Sport has decided to add the Rallye Vosges-Grand Est (June 8-10) to the 2018 208 Rally Cup calendar.
  • March 30-April 1: Rallye Terre des Causses (gravel)
  • May 18-20: Rallye d’Antibes (asphalt)
  • June 8-10: Rallye Vosges-Grand Est (asphalt) *
  • July 5-7: Rallye du Rouergue (asphalt)
  • September 6-8: Rallye du Mont Blanc (asphalt)
  • October 12-14: Rallye Terre des Cardabelles (gravel)
  • November 22-25: Rallye du Var (asphalt)
* New addition to 2018 calendar
Acclaimed globally for its reliability and competitive performance in its class, the PEUGEOT 208R2 is gaining more and more ground as a great choice for drivers across Europe and the number of 208 Rally Cup derivatives is steadily growing thanks to the support and dynamism of PEUGEOT’s European subsidiaries. Following the successful launch of a national 208 Rally Cup in Hungary at the beginning of the year, Spain and Portugal have now pooled their efforts to organise the Peugeot 208 Rally Cup Iberia. The first of the latter’s six rounds takes place this weekend within the framework of the Rally de Portugal (WRC, Round 6) and has attracted 21 entries.
  • Photos credits: ©PEUGEOT SPORT / @World
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