Rencontres Peugeot Sport Round #3/6 – 20, 21 and 22 July - Magny-Cours (58)

All the elements were in place at Magny-Cours last weekend to ensure that the 24H by PEUGEOT SPORT was a big success! A total of 49 PEUGEOT 208 Racing cars, driven by 230 men and women of all ages in a 24-hour race format, underlined once more the popularity and reliability of the PEUGEOT 208 Racing Cup, thanks to some great entertainment – and even nice weather ! All the competitors, visitors and spectators went away with smiles on their faces and plenty of happy memories.

  • The Magny-Cours circuit gave spectators and competitors 3 days of fun both on the track and in the paddock : sprint races, a 24-hour endurance race, displays of PEUGEOT Sport’s most important competition cars (such as the 905, 908 HDi FAP, 3008DKR Maxi, 208WRX), as well as additional cars from the PEUGEOT museum. Other entertainment included Michelin driving simulators and exciting road tests of various different models that make up the PEUGEOT range (508, 308GTi, Rifter).
  • There were 2 ‘208 Racing Cup’ sprint races to kick off the 24-hour race. Junior Aurélien Renet (JSB Competition) and Kévin Ropars (ROPARS Racing Team) shared the wins. Up-and-coming 17-year-old Lilou Wadoux (JSB Competition) once again put in a brilliant performance: she finished second twice, just off the podium on each occasion, after some excellent on-track battles.
  • At the 24H ‘Relais 208’ race the #324 GPA Racing crew (David Pouget, Guillaume Plubel, Marc Guillot, Nicolas Milan) won the round the clock epic ahead of the sister #203 ACTEMIUM by GPA car, driven by Antoine Pretin, Benjamin Mosson, Alexandre Albouy & Kevin Jimenez. Aurélien Renet, Ilona Bertapelle, Kevin Ropars, Clément Delporte & Frédéric Caprasse (JSB Competition #121) completed the podium of the exciting 24-hour race.
  • A big congratulations to the two celebrity drivers invited by PEUGEOT Sport, for having got to the finish successfully! DJ and music producer Kavinsky and well-known photographer Mathieu César were accompanied on their unique adventure by Aurélien Comte, a factory driver engaged on the FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) with the PEUGEOT 308 TCR.
  • Also of note was the performance of a crew that consisted of Carlos Tavares, chairman of the PSA Group, Jean-Philippe Imparato, Peugeot CEO, and Jean-Marc Finot, PSA Motorsport director – all entered in the 24-hour race as a private team together – who claimed a podium in the gentleman driver category (2nd).  

Jean-Philippe Imparato,
“At the end of the 24H I feel tired but happy. I was driving with people obsessed by performance! The frontrunners were putting five seconds a lap on us: the level of competition in the Rencontres Peugeot Sport championship is truly amazing. Taking part in this 24H race was a great experience, a fantastic moment that we all enjoyed. PEUGEOT is like a big family that lives and breathes racing passion. I didn’t actually think that we could achieve this level of technicality on a 208. We drove the cars hard for 24 hours, it was full-on motorsport on a circuit, and every car did what it was meant to do. There were very few retirements, no breakages in the end, and that shows just how reliable PEUGEOT is. On the commercial side, with the display of road cars organised by PEUGEOT France and the local dealer, we sold a 308GTi on the strength of a track test. It’s yet more proof that PEUGEOT road holding is as alluring as ever.”
Aurélien Renet - JSB COMPETITON driver,
Winner race 1 sprint ‘208 Racing Cup’
I got off to a terrible start. Kevin got away better than me and then closed the door on the straight, but I managed to get past him at Adélaïde. Luckily, because it was close! At the re-start following the safety car I managed to get a bit of clear air. Then, in the end, Kevin came back at me. It was really, really tough.”
Kevin Ropars - ROPARS RACING TEAM driver,
Winner race 2 sprint ‘208 Racing Cup’
“Free practice went well. We knew that we had a good turn of speed. But towards the end of the day, we realised that something was slightly amiss on the car, so we worked until very late to try and solve the problem. I set the second-fastest time in the two qualifying sessions, which meant that we started from the front row on each occasion. I got off to a good start in race 1 but Aurélien (Renet) overtook me on the first lap. Afterwards, it was hard to go and get him. In race 2 I got off to a better start than him and then I pulled out a gap. From there, I was able to look after my advantage to be sure of winning.”
David Pouget – PH SPORT by GPA #324 driver,
Winner endurance 24H ‘Relais 208’
“The race started off very well for us as we were on pole position. I knew that we had quite a well-matched and rapid crew of drivers. We decided to start at quite a quick pace and we set to work building up a gap. From midnight onwards we had to deal with a couple of small gearbox issues, but nothing that really compromised us. The four drivers did an exceptional job. I’d like to congratulate the whole team and in particular our mechanics, as you don’t win a 24-hour race just by driving, but instead thanks to an entire team. This win, part of a one-two with the Actemium by GPA team, is as much for them as it is for us. Once again, the association with PH Sport has worked well. The 24H race only happens once every 10 years, so I’m delighted to win it; it’s absolutely fantastic ! My only regret is for the #203 PEUGEOT, which was truly in the thick of the fight and could have won the race as well: they deserved it just as much as us.” 
Nicolas Milan – PH SPORT by GPA #324 driver,
Winner endurance 24H ‘Relais 208’
“For me the 24H was quite easy, as I was able to rely on a brilliant team. We didn’t take a single penalty. Myself and Marc were integrated into the best team in the relay, so I couldn’t have ended up anywhere better. We slowed them down a bit at the beginning and also at the end but when it came to it, it was also important to manage things, so that was all fine. In the end, everything worked well, and I am very happy.”
Marc Guillot – PH SPORT by GPA #324 driver,
Winner endurance 24H ‘Relais 208’
“I didn’t know the car, so I needed a bit of time to get used to it. Luckily there was David and Guillaume, who have a huge amount of experience, so I was able to learn a lot right from the very beginning and afterwards I was able to keep up a good pace. We had a couple of small problems, but we managed them well throughout the race. The most important part was the management of the whole race from the pits. The GPA team did an excellent job and this one-two finish is a great way of highlighting and rewarding everybody’s efforts. It’s really good new for the entire team. Many thanks to Guillaume and David for inviting us on this adventure!”
Guillaume Plubel – PH SPORT by GPA #324 driver,
Winner endurance 24H ‘Relais 208’
“It was a faultless race for me with my three super team mates. It was lucky for me to be doing the race with these three drivers, as they’ve got so much experience and so many good results compared to me, on my debut! I’m super happy to have won the 24H. It’s been a brilliant adventure with amazing team work, both in the pits and on the track. I’ve had a fantastic time.”

Classification 208 Racing Cup - Round #3 at Magny-Cours
Race 1
1. Aurélien Renet / JSB Competition #4  - 1st Junior • 14 laps
2. Kévin Ropars / ROPARS Racing Team #49 • +0.445
3. Yannick Blanc / GEDIRACING #77 • +7.056
4. Lilou Wadoux / JSB COMPETITION #44 2nd junior • +16.024
5. Alexandre Albouy / GPA Racing #25 • +16.513…
Race 2
1. Kévin Ropars / ROPARS Racing Team #49 •14 laps
2. Aurélien Renet / JSB Competition #4  - 1st Junior • +3.679
3. Yannick Blanc / GEDIRACING #77 • +10.548
4. Johan Rambeaud / GM Sport #53 • +14.263
5. Lilou Wadoux / JSB COMPETITION - 2nd Junior • +15.412…

Sprint ‘208 Racing Cup’ general classification (after round #3/6)
1. Aurélien Renet •174 points
2. Kevin Ropars •134 points  
3. David Pouget •118 points
4. Lilou Wadoux • 82 points
5. Alexandre Albouy • 73 points
24H Endurance Race general classification - Round #3 at Magny-Cours
1. PH Sport by GPA #324 • 576 laps
2. ACTEMIUM #203 • + 1 lap
3. JSB Competition #121 • + 2 laps
4. GEDIRACING #377 • + 2 laps
5. DAN Racing #555 • + 4 laps
Gentlemen : 1st GM Sport #209 / 2nd GPA Racing #215 / 3rd TEAM CDRS #161
Endurance ‘208 Relais’ general classification (after Round #3/6)
  1. PH Sport • 120 points
  2. ACTEMIUM • 91 pts
  3. JSB Compétition • 87 pts
  4. DAN Racing • 76 pts
  5. GEDIRACING • 70 pts


The date for the Pau-Arnos round (initially Round #3) has been modified. The new date is for 3 and 4 November to round off the season, following the races at Dijon (22-23 September) and Lédenon (20-21 October).


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