Job: rally driver
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Eyes: Brown
Live in: Crans Montana, Swiss
Nationality: French
Birth Date: 06/08/1965


Rather beach or mountains? I can go either way! For the optimum balance I would say: 4 months in the Swiss mountains, 4 months at the beach - in Corsica, 4 months in the desert
What’s your dream destination? The moon
Rather sweet or salty? Salty
Fast food or gourmet? Gourmet
What’s your favorite ice-cream flavor? Stracciatella
Which home-cooked-meal would you be? A pizza
Which drink would you be? Water
What’s your favorite & necessary foodstuff - that you can’t live without? Chocolate
The first thing you swallow when get out of bed? A glass of water
The last thing you do before sleeping? I brush my teeth
How many hours of sleep on average? 8 hours- minimum
What do you think is your biggest character quality? Impatient
What do you think is your biggest character flaw? Tolerant
What’s your musical taste/style? Popular music
What’s your favorite TV show/ movie? Basically, what men like: action and adventure
Do you have other passions in life than motorsport? Sport, in general (but only individual) and nature
How do you spend your time in between 2 races? What I do in between two races is more or less always related to my job and always in connection with nature: having a walk in the mountains, bicycling, running, skiing, boat and jet-ski. Those activities give
me pleasure and are necessary for me to feel good.
What makes you laugh? Poor jokes
What is the thing that irritates you the most? Idiots
The best time of your life until now? I think it is today, even if I feel a bit old and so far away from the carefreeness of my 18
Which object/artifact to live the next 95year? A hammock
Which Peugeot for your daily life? Peugeot 508 SW GT
If you would be a weekday, which one would it be? Sunday: either you are in the action (it’s often the arrival day of a race), either you are in the calm (relaxing at home)
If you would be a number, which one would it be? 6
If you would be a color, which one would it be? Blue
If you would be an animal, which one would it be? A dog: he’s happy when he free in the nature, when he eats and sleep. Like me!
Vintage or modern? Modern for the performance, even if, since a few years, I have a taste for vintage motorcycles
Any addiction? Moving! I can’t stay at home!
Any superstition? No
Any scars? A lot, from practicing motorcycle
Any tatoo? No
How did you get to motorsport and co-driving / How does it appear to be your vocation?
“From father to son. My dad was off-road riding, with car then in bikes, as an amateur. The opposite of me! He offered me a trial bike when I was 8; which was very unusual to have so young. I did trial during 5 years, as a kid who discovers something new and amusing. I got thesense of competition and the winning spirit through skateboarding. From the time I was 13 to 15, I spent most of the time on a skate; it was fashionable. I won the French Skateboarding Championship, tried out for the national team and participated in the European Cup. Then I received an enduro bike from my father again; I was 14, I used it to go to school… and never come down! After winning my 6thDakar Rally gold medal in two wheels - and taking the victory record - I decided to switch to car for 3 reasons: I never got injured;I felt tired of always being alone on the track; and I have a true passion for racing - I follow all the car championship on TV. The year after, in 1999, I subscribed for Dakar Rally in car category.
Your most beautiful/biggest emotion in your motorsport career ?
“My first Dakar victory in car, it was in 2004.”