Round #3/6, Dijon (France) | July 14/15, 2018
Teddy Clairet returned a perfect scorecard at Dijon-Prenois, France, to go clear of the pack at the 2018 308 Racing Cup’s midpoint. The Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport driver has extended his lead to 42 points over his closest chaser Julien Briché. The championship will resume at Magny-Cours, France, on September 8-9.

  • The third meeting of the 2018 308 Racing Cup took teams to Circuit de Dijon-Prenois in France.The 308-horsepower PEUGEOTs matched the pace of the GT4 cars which feature in the FFSA French GT series around the Burgundy venue which is steeped in French motor racing history.
  • Teddy Clairet dominated the weekend with a brace of pole positions, both race wins and two fastest race laps, not only in the overall standings but also in the Junior classifications. His brother Jimmy came second both times, while Teddy has succeeded in pulling out a gap at the top of the provisional standings
  • Defending champion Julien Briché, who is also contesting the TCR Europe in his PEUGEOT 308 TCR, survived a troubled weekend to remain in second place in the 308 Racing Cup.
  • The Junior battle saw Florian Briché post a strong weekend to confirm his potential with fifth and fourth places in Race 1 and Race 2 respectively, while Stéphane Ventaja beat Laurent Richard to both Gentleman Driver wins

Provisional championship leader (overall and Junior standings) / 1st, Races 1 and 2.
“It was a perfect weekend for our family team, with two one-two finishes and a maximum points haul. We worked hard to achieve this result and it’s a great way to kick off the summer holiday before it’s back to work to prepare for the next meeting at Magny-Cours!”
2nd, Races 1 and 2
“I am relatively pleased with our weekend. As a team, we obtained an assertive clean sweep. Dijon is a technical circuit and, from a personal angle, I wasn’t combative enough. I will make sure I keep working to become even more competitive.”
3rd, Races 1 and 2
“I had the speed but the result wasn’t what I was hoping for. I’m a little frustrated not to have been able to keep up with Teddy and Jimmy but everyone knows how hard they are to catch when they get off to strong start and pull out a gap. In the future, I will need to perform better in qualifying if I want to put them under pressure.”

Race 1
  • Junior Teddy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) won qualifying with a time of 1m24.495s, outpacing his brother Jimmy (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) by more than two-tenths of a second. David Pouget (GPA Racing) and Julien Briché (JSB Compétition) shared the second row, while Frédéric Caprasse (JSB Compétition) challenged for a top-three position before seeing his times scrubbed for excessive abuse of track limits.
  • Only 16 of the 17 drivers entered for the weekend showed up for Saturday’s race when Denis Gibaud withdrew due to heatstroke after coming third in the Gentleman Drivers’ qualifying order.
  • Teddy Clairet successfully defended his lead off the line, chased by Jimmy Clairet, David Pouget and Julien Briché, while Frédéric Caprasse took advantage of the jostling in the pack to move up the leaderboard. He was running sixth when the race was neutralised on Lap 7 following an early misfortune for Xavier Fouineau (JSB Compétition).
  • Rodolphe Spitz (JSB Compétition) and Luc Rosentvaig (BL Sport) retired on Lap 11 when the Safety Car was dispatched again.
  • The exciting final sprint saw Teddy Clairet pull out a gap as Jimmy Clairet, David Pouget, Julien Briché and Florian Briché diced for the other two podium positions. Pouget kept up the pressure all the way to the flag but was eventually forced to settle for third, less than a tenth of a second behind Jimmy Clairet.
Race 2
  • Just as he had done in qualifying for Race 1, Teddy Clairet beat brother Jimmy to Race 2’s pole position by a little more than two-tenths of a second. Fellow Juniors Amaury Richard and Florian Briché qualified on the second row.
  • Jimmy Clairet was the quickest driver off the line at lights out, while Xavier Fouineau made a name for himself by passing several rivals around the outside.
  • Gilles Colombani (Carsyst’m Racing) and Rodolphe Spitz (JSB Compétition) tangled, sending Rozentvaig into the gravel to prompt a Safety Car period. Trouble for Julien Briché forced last year’s champion to re-start in last place. When the green flag was shown, the Clairet brothers resumed their duel and, this time, Teddy succeeded in taking the lead after slipstreaming Jimmy on Lap 5. In their wake, David Pouget continued to push after finding a way past Xavier Fouineau, while Julien Briché successfully moved up the order.
  • The second race’s podium was a cut-and-paste of Race 1’s top three, with Teddy and Jimmy Clairet finishing clear of David Pouget. Florian Briché ended up second in the Junior classification and fourth overall, ahead of Frédéric Caprasse.
  • The Gentleman Driver contest was again won by Stéphane Ventaja.

1 Teddy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) J 17 laps
2 Jimmy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) +2.158
3 David Pouget (GPA Racing) +2.251
4 Julien Briché (JSB Compétition) +2.958
5 Florian Briché (JSB Compétition) J +3.206
6 Frédéric Caprasse (JSB Compétition) +5.268
7 Amaury Richard (GPA Racing) J +7.034
8 Stéphane Ventaja (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) G +8.263
9 Veenesh Shunker (CVS Autos by Clairet Sport) +10.194
10 Sylvain Pussier (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) +11.768
11 Laurent Richard (GPA Racing) G +14.967
12 Gilles Colombani (Carsyst’m Racing) G +21.121
13 Fabio Mota (JSB Compétition) +3 laps
1 Teddy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) J 17 laps
2 Jimmy Clairet (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) +2.102
3 David Pouget (GPA Racing) +2.548
4 Florian Briché (JSB Compétition) J +4.600
5 Frédéric Caprasse (JSB Compétition) +14.209
6 Amaury Richard (GPA Racing) J +14.236
7 Julien Briché (JSB Compétition) +14.609
8 Xavier Fouineau (JSB Compétition) +17.284
9 Veenesh Shunker (CVS Autos by Clairet Sport) +27.125
10 Stéphane Ventaja (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) G +27.322
11 Fabio Mota (JSB Compétition) +30.516
12 Laurent Richard (GPA Racing) G +30.622
13 Sylvain Pussier (Pussier Automobiles by Clairet Sport) +32.946
PROVISIONAL 308 RACING CUP STANDINGS (after Dijon, Round #3/6)
  1. Teddy Clairet - PUSSIER AUTOMOBILE BY CLAIRET SPORT - 116 points (JUNIOR)
  2. Julien Briché - JSB COMPETITION - 74 points
  3. David Pouget - GPA RACING - 71 points
  4. Jimmy Clairet - PUSSIER AUTOMOBILE BY CLAIRET SPORT - 68 points
  5. Amaury Richard - GPA RACING - 42 points (J)
  6. Florian Briché - JSB COMPETITION - 23 points
  7. Xavier Fouineau - JSB COMPETITION - 22 points
  8. Marc Guillot - MILAN COMPETITION - 17 points
  9. Frederic Caprasse – JSB COMPETITION - 16 points
  10. Sylvain Pussier - PUSSIER AUTOMOBILES BY CLAIRET SPORT - 15 points
  11. Stephane Ventaja - PUSSIER AUTOMOBILES BY CLAIRET SPORT - 14 points (G)
  12. Laurent Richard – GPA RACING - 13 points (G)
  13. Nicolas Milan – MILAN COMPETITION - 11 points
  14. Louis Méric – LM31 - 11 points (J)
  15. Veenesh Shunker - CVS AUTOS BY CLAIRET SPORT - 11 points
  16. Fabio Mota - JSB COMPETITION - 9 points
  17. Denis Gibaud - MILAN COMPETITION - 5 points (G)
  18. Gilles Colombani - CARSYST’M RACING - 5 points
  19. Gaetan Paletou – MILAN COMPETITION - 5 points (J)
  20. Samuel Chaligne - SC SPORT BY CLAIRET SPORT - 3 points
  21. Thierry Boyer - PUSSIER AUTOMOBILES BY CLAIRET SPORT - 1 point

  • April 1-2: NOGARO (France)
  • June 2-3: SPA FRANCORCHAMPS (Belgium)
  • July 14-15: DIJON (France)
  • September 8-9: MAGNY-COURS (France)
  • September 29-30: BARCELONA (Spain)
  • October 13-14: PAUL RICARD (France)
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