208 Rally Cup | Rallye Mont-Blanc Morzine (Asphalt) - Round #5 /7
The 70th edition of the Rallye Mont-Blanc Morzine ended up with a first win for juniors Hugo Margaillan and Sébastien Poujol (CHL Sport Auto) in the 208 Rally Cup! The young duo enjoyed a practically faultless race weekend, with no fewer than 10 fastest times out of 13 on their record. Their brilliant performance means that they maintain the lead in the PEUGEOT Junior Cup standings. The other highlight of PEUGEOT Sport’s weekend was the title going to Yohan Rossel and Benoit Fulcrand (Sarrazin Motorsport): the crew that has led the championship since the first rally of the year claimed the 2018 honours early, after just five rounds out of seven.

Plenty at stake as the crews return to work
On Friday 7 September, the 208 Rally Cup returned to action in the sumptuous surrounding of the French Alps. A total of 13 crews took the start at the wheel of their PEUGEOT 208R2s, in the full knowledge that this would be a decisive round in the title race. After four consecutive wins from four events, Yohan Rossel only had to finish in the top five to claim the title.
A busy opening leg
  • Yohan Rossel’s goal soon faced a setback: on SS1 he was the victim of a puncture, which cost him 1m38s to the rally leader, Hugo Margaillan. The Junior driver made the most of the opportunity to break free and set fastest times throughout the rest of the day. In total he set six fastest times on the seven stages that made up the first day (SS8 was cancelled due to the presence of too many spectators). But Yohan Rossel fought back hard to return to contention, winning SS2:  Le Biot - Bonnevaux. By the end of the first day he was back up to sixth and within touching distance of his goal!
  • In the middle of the pack, there was a hard-fought battle between three crews: Cédric Noé and Alex Vignolle (Tregou Racing) against Brandon Maisano and Pierre Pebeyre (Easy Rally), along with the surprising combination of Mohamed Al Mutawaa and Aaron Johnston (PH Sport).
  • Three retirements, including two off-road excursion without serious consequences characterised the day: the all-female crew of  Catie Munnings and Alba Sanchez (CPS Quality-Sainteloc Racing) in SS4 (Lullin Alpes du Léman) then Hugo Bonfils and Olivier Brouze (Easy Rally), in the same stage run at night (SS7), while Alexandre Vargas and Geoffrey Brion (Pit Stop) were stopped in their tracks by a mechanical problem on SS4.
Leg 2: a decisive journey
  • On Saturday, the second leg got underway in sunshine and on dry roads. Hugo Margaillan in the lead confirmed his excellent form with the first fastest time of the day, but then he had a scare on SS10, Samoëns-Morillon, with an off-road excursion that cost him 30 seconds. Cédric Noé was also caught out and unfortunately couldn’t get going again. Yohan Rossel took advantage to set fastest time and get back up to fifth place – a position that put one of his hands on the title.
  • As the stages went on the competition intensified, with Hugo Margaillan who collected a string of fastest stage times, followed closely by Quentin Ribaud and Mathieu Maurin (CHL Sport Auto) but above all Yohan Rossel and Benoit Fulcrand, whose confidence was returning. Mohamed Al Mutawaa and Brandon Maisano continued their duel while Léo Rossel and Alex Coria (Sébastien Loeb Racing) were coming back up the leaderboard after having had a few initial problems finding a rhythm. Eddy Marchal and Jessika Lepretre also impressed, keeping up a solid and consistent rhythm. Boris and Raphaël Ruffa (HBCR Racing), came to gather experience and maintained a decent pace while Alix Andrey and Enzo Mahinc (Accro Race) discovered the 208 Rally Cup.
First overall win for the Juniors
At the end of leg two, Hugo Margaillan and Sébastien Poujol won the overall classification, having dominated the rally and won four out of six stages on leg two, as well as 10 out of the total of 13 stages. This marked the very first time that a Junior crew won a rally overall this year. Quentin Ribaud and Mathieu Maurin were second while Brandon Maisano and Pierre Pebeyre completed the leading trio
Yohan Rossel and Benoit Fulcrand: 2018 champions
With their fourth place on the Rallye Mont-Blanc, Yohan Rossel and Benoit Fulcrand fulfilled their objective. After just five rallies, including four victories, they clinched the title in style! The duo is now guaranteed to participate in the 2019 French Rally Championship driving a factory Citroën C3R5 as part of a factory programme.

Yohan Rossel – Sarrazin Motorsport driver
208 Rally Cup 2018 champion
“Winning the title here marks the crowning point of a fantastic season…which isn’t even finished yet! This Rallye Mont-Blanc wasn’t easy at all, but it was really interesting. We had a puncture in the first stage so we had to come back as hard as we could and give our maximum. Now we’re champions and it’s absolutely incredible! After we won the first four rallies we knew that we just had to look after things here on the first rally back after the summer. We did that, thanks to the help of Team Sarrazin Motorsport, but also thanks to all those close to me. I’m very pleased to bring the 2018 208 Rally Cup home!”
Hugo Margaillan – CHL Sport Auto driver
Winner overall, and winner of the Junior classification
“It’s been an excellent weekend. We wanted to raise our level a bit and see if we were capable of progressing, which was the case! We worked hard on the car and ourselves over the summer and that paid off. I’m very happy with this first overall victory, for myself and for the team.”
Quentin Ribaud – CHL Sport Auto driver
Second overall
“I’m very happy with the result, especially considering all the worries we’ve had since the start of the year. This podium lifts the morale, especially as we’re second overall. It’s been a great weekend for the whole CHL team, with a one-two. We fought hard with Hugo Margaillan, with a really good and motivating competitive spirit, I’m really happy to see that we’ve made more progress on asphalt. Now, I’m focussing on the next round at the Cardabelles Rally. Personally I prefer gravel and obviously we go there to win!” 
Brandon Maisano – Easy Rally
Third overall
This was a superb rally, with some very nice stages. I adapted myself well to the conditions, even though this type pf terrain isn’t really well suited to my driving style. The car worked well and we stayed on the road, apart from on SS13 where we lost a bit of our advantage over Yohan Rossel, following a mistake that cost us a few seconds. So we ended up third and we’ve made more progress all the time in the 208 Rally Cup all the time; it’s really positive and motivating for the future!”

  1. Hugo Margaillan / Sébastien Poujol - CHL SPORT AUTO (JUNIOR)
  2. Quentin Ribaud / Mathieu Maurin - CHL SPORT AUTO
  3. Brandon Maisano /Pierre Pebeyre - EASY RALLY
  4. Yoan Rossel / Benoit Fulcrand - SARRAZIN MOTORSPORT
  5. Mohamed Al Mutawaa / Aaron Johnston - PH SPORT
  6. Léo Rossel / Alexandre Coria - SEBASTIEN LOEB RACING (JUNIOR)
  7. Eddy Marchal / Jessika Lepretre
  8. Alix Andrey / Enzo Mahinc- ACCRO RACE
  9. Boris Ruffa / Raphaël Ruffa  - HBCR RACING
  1. Yohan Rossel / Benoit Fulcrand – Sarrazin Motorsport 99 pts
  2. Hugo Margaillan / Sébastien Poujol – CHL Sport Auto - (JUNIOR) 69 pts
  3. Quentin Ribaud / Mathieu Maurin – CHL Sport Auto 49 pts
  4. Karl Pinheiro / Franck le Floch – CPS Quality-Saintéloc Racing 33 pts
  5. Léo Rossel / Alexandre Coria – Sébastien Loeb Racing (JUNIOR) 31 pts
  6. Brandon Maisano / Pierre Pebeyre – Easy Rally 19 pts
  7. Efren Llarena /Sara Fernandez – Llarena Racing 15pts
  8. Mohamed Al Mutawaa / Aaron Johnston – PH Sport 12 pts
  9. Eddy Marchal / Alison Girard – 12 pts
  10. Enzo Baraccani / Cindy Priolo – Pit Stop 12 pts
  11. Aki Sahila / Rami Suorsa – CPS Quality-Sainteloc Racing 12 pts
  12. Cédric Noé / Alex Vignolle – Tregou Racing 9 pts
  13. Benjamin Boulenc / Jules Escartefigue – Chazel Technologie 8 pts
  14. Emmanuel Gascou / Alexandre Vida – CHL Sport Auto 8 pts
  15. Hugo Bonfils / Olivier Brouze – Easy Rally (Junior) 6 pts
  16. Matthieu Margaillan / Mathilde Margaillan – PH Sport 6 pts
  17. Meirion Evans / Jonathan Jackson – Chazel Technologie 4 pts
  18. Xavier Quinsac / Charlene Gallier – GP#2RACING 4 pts
  19. Alix Andrey / Enzo Mahinc- ACCRO RACE 3pts
  20. Thomas Baudoin / Margot Basso – PH Sport (JUNIOR) 3 pts
  21. Boris Ruffa / Raphaël Ruffa  - HBCR RACING 2pts
  22. David Viarouge / Benjamin Micheli - Chazel Technologie 2 pts
*Subject to official confirmation

The competitors will next head to the Rallye des Cardabelles from 12-14 October. The 208 Rally Cup will resume in the Aveyron region close to Millau. The crews will be competing on a rough surface so will have to drive carefully in order to avoid punctures. The Junior title is still up for grabs, and Hugo Margillan will be looking to consolidate his success on the Rallye Mont-Blanc - Morzine.
  • 30 March – 01 April: Rallye Terre des Causses (gravel) – Aveyron
  • 18 – 20 May: Rallye d’Antibes (asphalt) - Alpes-Maritimes
  • 08 – 10 June: Rallye Vosges – Grand Est (asphalt) - Vosges
  • 05 – 07 July: Rallye du Rouergue (asphalt) – Aveyron
  • 06 – 08 September: Rallye du Mont Blanc (asphalt) - Haute-Savoie
  • 12 – 14 October: Rallye Terre des Cardabelles (gravel) – Aveyron
  • 22- 25 November: Rallye du Var (asphalt) - Var

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